there’s just something about a beautiful door.

i had good karma today. it began with this crazy urge to dance this morning, and continued with a whole morning filled with inspiration and productive work. i freaking love it when i’m inspired & on task. feels really good. i should try it more often. hehe. i’m certain that it was the dancing feeling that got me started off on the right foot (hehe. no pun intended.).

after completing my work, i tackled the tv/internet/phone company. i marched right in there, questions scribbled down on a piece of paper, pushed the button to receive my ticket (what number i was in the line of what felt like thousands of customers before me), waited & explored all the technology in the store, and then represented my home well by asking well-educated, precise questions about what we need to do to add cable to the tv we bought for the bedroom. 5 minutes later i left the store, with everything ordered & set. 10 points to me.

this afternoon, on my way to another personal, and extremely important, meeting, i was greeted by a man wearing a green apron, holding a box of frappachinos in his hand, passing out the delicious goodies to everyone who passed by on the street. huh? as i approached this frappachino man with a van, i realized that his green apron said starbucks, & he was passing out starbucks coffee. WHAT?! YAY!! now, you must know there are only 2 starbucks cafes in all of sweden. two. and, of course, they are not in my city. so, as i walked & sipped my caramel macchiatto frappachino, i wondered… does the free coffee gimmick mean that my city is getting a starbucks?! a girl can dream…

i ended my day out & about by walking by the door to the building where my love & i were married. (insert “awwww” here). it’s actually not that weird to walk by this door. i do it almost every day, but today’s little photo challenge was to photograph a door, so i chose this one. i walked right up to it and had a flashback of standing in front of the giant, wooden doors with my love just a few minutes after we were married. that was 2 and a half year ago. the memories of that cold, snowy winter’s day came flooding back. i can honestly say that i am more in love with this amazing woman today than i was on our wedding day. how beautiful it is to share a journey in life together.

as i said, i pass that door on a regular basis, and i often think of my wedding day. but today something felt a little different. more powerful. more amazing. today, as i took the time to revel in my memories, i felt that the best is yet to come. it felt like a turing point to me, standing there, looking at that door tonight. yes, the past has been beautiful & i am more happy than i ever thought i could be to share life with lina; but what lies behind the next door… i can’t even begin to imagine. i am certain, especially after all the good karma swirling about me today, that whatever is behind the next doors in our life, we will face it together; conquering our fears, living life to the fullest, following our dreams, making new ones, and growing as individuals & together.

i began wondering tonight… a door is neither the past nor the future, but a symbol of the present moment. this door, as i stood before it tonight allowed me the chance to reflect & wonder, but more than just that, inviting to just be in that moment. to not turn around & look at the past. or to not walk through the door to the other side just yet. but to just be. the past has been lived, the future is yet to come. today. in that moment. in front of that door… anything was possible. and i felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, joy, & excitement all at the same time.

peace Β to you, in your present moment.

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  1. I’m so happy to read that things are looking up for you today! What a beautiful post. πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely post. You really got all the luck of the day but then as unsaid in my last comment any day that contains dancing is a good day. Can’t believe you’re married for 2.5 years now. I remember when Lina told me about the engagement on msn and then discussing it with Jonas on msn πŸ™‚ and then a wee bit later you had your blog post “a sneaky preview of what happened here” with the two ringed hands and I kept refreshing the site dying to know more. So yep an amazing love story of an amazing couple. You are certainly one of my main marriage role models! X

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