these two.

my beautiful & amazing love & our little cutie kitty-girl, zola.
my amazing love & our little cutie kitty, zola.

just taking a moment to be thankful for my family.what are you thankful for today?

peace, love, & understanding.

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  1. I love the photo, first of all. I grew up with a menagerie of pets- my mother should have been Canonized for putting up with everything I dragged home- lol.

    The last pet I had was a beautiful cornish rex named, Kitcat. She was raised in a cattery, bred, & when she produced no more was sold. She ended up with a family she didn’t “fit with”, according to the ad in the paper. Luckily, my big sis (a total sucker) took her on. Contrary to the ad, this was a gorgeous & incredibly sweet cat. Unfortunately, her good nature meant she became “bullied” by existing pets, to the point my sis had to give her up. I lived in NY at the time- no pets then- & offered to take her. Kitcat flew from Pensacola, FL, to upstate NY, in Jan. to become our new baby. She was a constant joy from day one. So sweet with my then young kids- she slept on them when she could- lol.

    Come spring, she pined at the sliding door, looking off into the woods beyond. I let her out when the temps warmed enough she wouldn’t get cold too quickly (remember- a FL cat, never outside in her entire life?). Within 20 mins., she had a dead mouse at the door. She remained a hunter to the end. I was happy that she was happy…



    Today, I am thankful for being a citizen of the great country of Australia. I am worried for the people here (especially in S.AU) who are under emergency with heat & the burning of their lands & homes- don’t forget all of the animals here, too. Tasmania has been badly affected as has many of AU’s eastern areas.

    My thankfulness extends to Western AU having escaped the danger (though our hot time comes later), I am thankful for having the opportunity to start my business here (btw- Liz, please invest in a usb fan-cooled support for you & Lina’s laptop’s when around bedding).

    Hugs & “scratches round the ears & chin” to your sweet Zola!

    T 🙂

    PS- if my links suck- please fix it- or tell me to?

    1. soooo adorable! 🙂 thank you for sharing your story about Kitcat and some of her adventures. it’s amazing how much our pets come to mean to us.


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