a little bit of everyday life.


happy saturday, my friends. i don’t have that much to say right now… or perhaps i do, but my words are reserved for another purpose. but, i thought i’d just post a little pic from a short & super cold walk earlier today and say hello to you all. i’m preaching tomorrow, so tonight i’m trying to put the finishing touches together on all of my thoughts on turning water into wine. i could use some good vibes & such from y’all. i always have so much in my head when i prepare these little things for sundays. so much to say, so many ways i could go, so many cool things to mention, that it takes me forever to get it all down on “paper” (computer screen) and make sense. i think my brain must be frozen from the insanely cold temperatures we’ve got gong on here. needless to say, i’ve got a whole roomful of candles lit – seriously, like 13 – and a big cozy sweater. so the atmosphere should be perfect for completing my task. it’s been beautiful outside, as you can see, but i just can’t seem to warm up or get my brain in gear. maybe once i get really into my writing the chill will disappear. yep. that’s what’s on my mind & on my agenda for this regular ole day here in my little world. hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

peace & warmth.

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