a little of this & a little of that.

it’s sunday afternoon and i just woke from a nap. feeling so content. have i ever mentioned how much i looove naps? i am a napping kinda girl, though, sadly, they are few & far between. but, this afternoon, after work & cleaning, i snatched one up. i knew i was in need of one when i almost fell asleep watching the latest grey’s anatomy episode (addicted. yes.). that has never happened before! but, i made it through the episode & then snuggled down… a warm cat on my lap, a blanket pulled up to my chin, my eyes closed, and slept. wonderful.

now on my agenda is a movie with my love. yes. sundays are good days. set aside to be lazy (after work, in the morning, of course). today feels especially cozy after a weekend filled with activities & fun. take a peek at what i’ve been up to…

 friday we headed out of town for a little half-weekend-road trip!

 riding on the bus… norrköping —> jönköping. cozy times.

on the way: the sun setting over a frozen lake. gorgeous.

 at the bus/train station. we arrived!

 me. taking the above pic. hehe.

our friend picked us up at the station, and we headed to her apartment for a calm, relaxing night. there were four of us girls, a homemade dinner, a bit of wine, a late night popcorn snack, and much laughter and conversation. it was really great to get to see friends that we had not seen in a long time! yay for meetings that give us a reason to get together.

speaking of meetings, that is why we took a little overnight trip. lina had a meeting saturday morning (with our friends, and plenty of other people too), and i got to tag along = a chance to hang out with everyone & get to know some more about this new church youth organization. there could have been elbow rubbing and such, but come saturday, i wasn’t in the met social of moods. i tend to be that way sometime. i was enjoying my love & our friends, but not feeling like being all chatty with people. still, i did what i needed to do, and made at least one connection with someone who works on the national level in the organization. score!

the meeting was over after lunch (not what we expected. we planned to be tied up much longer =  a late afternoon bus ride already scheduled that could not be changed). so, we had some more time to just hang out before heading back home. hmm… what to do with a  gang of swedes where we’re trying to kill time…. oh yes. fika!

 a yummy coffee drink: snickers mocha. i think i sucked it down in about 2 minutes. delish.

 and then what? shopping, of course! we bought something awesome for our entry hall!

(check it out on lina’s blog. here.)

time for a rainy ride home. i believe it was the coziest bus ride ever!

the rest of the night proved to be cozy too. emotional, though. we got stuck watching whitney houston’s funeral. oh, the music. amazing. and kevin coster… wow. what a great eulogy, i think. we tore ourselves away from the funeral to watch sweden’s most-loved, you-gotta-watch-it-or-you-are-lost-in-conversation music contest: melodifestivalen. lemme say this… what are some people thinking? i don’t get the music. i don’t get the words. the costumes. the dancing. is this what people like? if so, does this mean i am officially old? i’m ok with that because i have principles… and most of the talent in the music contest isn’t talent at all. though, there are a few people who are really good. and i definitely enjoy the emcee’s… funny & talented! but, as a good little swede, i watched. and i enjoyed every little crazy minute of it. i admit it. and then… the bodyguard came on tv here. oh, whitney… you were amazing.

sunday morning: up early! on my way to work… all of norrköping was a sheet of ice.

 after work. home. for a little cleaning.

 and then… nothing but me, my computer, my love, and a movie. an afternoon of complete relaxation before the new week begins.

hope you’ve had a good weekend as well!

peace out.

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  1. Hi, seems like a nice weekend getaway! We had a three day weekend over here, but I am staying put. also, I didn’t forget about your e-mail, I will answer it soon, hopefully! (just letting you know) have a great fresh start into your new week…

    1. hey laura! hope your 3 day weekend of staying put was cozy & nice. 🙂 no worries. you can reply to my email whenever you have time. hope your week is fantastic!

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