two quotes, a sunrise, & living life to the fullest

“No sun outlasts its sunset but will rise again and bring the dawn.”

alphabet city sunrise
sunrise in alphabet city, new york, new york – from our apartment window. an amazing moment.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

my love and me washington square park nyc
a beautiful moment with my love in greenwich village, new york, new york.

hi, friends! long time, no blog, huh? life has been completely, amazingly abnormal for the past 3 and a half weeks, but as of this minute – as i type this – our home is once again just the three of us. me, my love, and our little cutie, zola the cat. we’ve had 5 visitors at two different times throughout the past weeks and we also (as you noticed in my previous blog) traveled to new york city for a week. whew. majorly overwhelmingly awesome moments we have had.

of course, i have so much that i want to share with you all regarding the past few weeks. but, that can wait. with the death of maya angelou today, i have thought about the things that matter the most to me. i have reflected on the incredible chances that i have been given in my life and the dreams of chances that i have yet to make reality. i thought about what i love most in the world, what makes my soul sing: spending time with family and traveling and writing/photography – it just doesn’t get any better than those three things.

so, inspired by maya angelou, i decided that i’d use this post to recommit myself to my dreams  – to greet each new day as a gift and live it to the fullest – living not only for me, but for the opportunity to share the love and hope and joy that i feel. to live my authentic life, and to encourage every single person i meet, with my words or actions, to live their life in the same way. i don’t want to encourage this because i am right or anything, but because i believe that life is a gift – filled with amazing moments, even in the midst of the tough moments. perhaps it’s those tough time that make the beautiful ones all that murch brighter. like the sun that rises every day – offering new hope, new love, new adventures, and a new opportunity to simply be who we were created to be.

yes, i’ll post and share all of my reflections and photos on my trip to new york city and share some of the adventures i had with family. but, today, i just wanted to simply be. i just wanted to stop for a moment, between all of the amazing fun and the return to regular life, and soak up all of the thoughts, feelings, and ponderings deep within my soul.

tomorrow there will be photos. today is a pause for giving thanks.

peace and love. xx

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  1. You’re back to “regular life” – yay!
    The best few weeks sometimes are hard to go back to reality… but then sometimes we remember how much we love our “reality” too… I know I certainly get some of those moments.
    The authentic life you always mention… I like that phrase. I still sometimes give myself a hard time about working many hours, earning less than ever, not being able to do some things as hard to get time off; but you know, every day I wake up, and I know I’m enjoying what I do, building for the now and the future (whatever will be the what next!).
    Glad you’re back and had a fab few weeks, now just roll along and enjoy more summer! (here in Blighty our mini summer moments have gone and melted and it looks like frigging February outside again!!)

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