just a reminder for all you americans out there today… get out & vote! make your voice heard! you/we have a right and a privilege that so many others all around the world do not have, so let’s exercise our right & your privilege as an american. let’s make a difference. let’s stand up for what we believe in. you know, ghandi says that we must be the change we want to see in the world. what better way to “be the change” than by voting for the changes we want to see!

it’s an amazing day to be an american! go cast your vote!

and for all of you others all around the world… please pray, send good vibes, positive energy, or whatever you have to send to us americans… that may we vote for peace, for equality, and for a chance to keep moving forward.

peace & love. now, go vote!

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  1. I sent my ballot in—- > OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

    Omg, the Dem’s better get out there & VOTE this time around, or I truly shudder to think of the evil, alternate universe under R&R! Gag…

  2. I will be voting before I go to work! Such a scary place it could be after the election….

  3. I’ve voted and now I’m praying. We in the U.S. will have even bigger problems if Obama doesn’t get reelected. We need a president who is truthful and stands up for what he believes in now more than ever – and that is Barack Obama.

    1. I am with you… pleeeease let Obama be re-elected. I am so scared of what might happen otherwise.

  4. Is it true??!!!

    Are my ears deceiving me? Will the evil GOP find a way to wrest this presidency???

    I don’t think so!


    Thank the heavens—-> Tracy breathes a HUGE sigh of relief!

    Thank you to all of the voters who knew that Romney/Ryan had only corporations in mind for their reign. I am sitting here & hoping the Dem’s take every venue that they can. Rhe GOP is obstructionist & they do NOT give a flip about this country. If they did, they would acknowledge the jump in the stock market following the Obama win.

    Yay! Obama!


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