i pulled an all-nighter.

i’m still in shock. i’m amazed. excited. overwhelmed. and so. very. thankful. oh yeah, and tired. hehe.

i’m thankful that this is the dawning of a new america, as some news sites are putting it. an america that chose yesterday community spirit over individualistic greed. an american that yearns to be a country, a nation of individuals working together, each using his or her own gifts to create an even better american, an even better world. not a nation build and run as a business. cutting of those who are not needed or not seen as equals.

and for me personally, hopefully, this is the dawning of a new era in my life, where my home country will begin to make a movement to recognize my marriage, to allow me to have the same rights i once had when i was married to a man.last night was monumental for minority groups (which are becoming the majority). today i excitedly celebrate the marriage equality victories in 4 states, the victories of women & lesbians who have been voted into government, and the defeat of the men who sought reelection under the premiss that rape can be “legitimate” or “god-intended”.

once again, i have hope. hope that we are on the road to equality for immigrants, for women, for LGBT people, for children, for african americans & hispanic americans, for the poor, for the homeless and jobless. i have hope, that, as obama has said, when we make our way out, or our way to the top, we don’t just keep on going, but that we reach back and grab the hand of someone who needs our support, and bring them along with us. that, i believe, is what it means to be a citizen of the united states of america. that in our beautiful, wonderful, colorful diversity, we still find that it is our humanity that unites us. that because of our humanity… within many, we are one.

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thank you, fellow americans, for voting. no matter who you voted for, or what you believe, today is a day we can begin anew. we can reach across the aisle, across the street, into another neighborhood, or even another country, and grab the hand of another. we can agree to disagree, and still find respect for each other.

this, my friends, is the american way. the global way, to create a world of peace, diversity, and understanding.

and today, i have renewed hope and renewed faith, that we can be the change. we are moving forward.

one more thing… woo hooooooooo!!!!

peace & hope.

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  1. I’ve never been this happy after an election before. What an exciting time to be an American!!

  2. I loved waking up the my radio alarm clock and instead of hearing music or Swedish- it was Obama’s acceptance speech. I am so thrilled for all the people this has made life easier for, people who will be treated fairly and justly. I hope that both parties can work together to create that better tomorrow we all need and want.

  3. Yay – so delighted and relieved for you – the US of A and the rest of the world. I do hope and pray that another four years will be enough to make a difference.

  4. man, that was a tough evening. Canadians had a channel dedicated to these elections. I could not stay sober as the numbers did not make me feel warm and fuzzy for a long long time. At the end, all was good that ended good.
    Thank God there is hope that things will get better. I can’t believe how many people actually voted for Romney. Maybe I am a fool but so many narrow-minded people live in the country that claims to be the land of the free. It is flat out scary…

  5. too all you amazing chicks who commented here:


    and WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

    now, it’s time to move FORWARD!


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