// week thirty four // for the love of routines + rituals

not that i don’t love vacations to the max, because i do. but, i also most definitely enjoy that time of year when the last days of summer seem to be creeping up on us and it’s time to get down to business again.

if you have the luck to live in europe (and maybe australia. just not the united states, i know), then you have hopefully had a long enough vacation that you feel rested and reenergized. ready to tackle all that will be thrown at you.

not only do i feel rested, but i feel re-inspired and so ready to get back to my routines + rituals, the things that keep me and my little world running. i also feel ready to tackle lots of new and exciting projects, possibilities, and opportunities.

yes, for me, life begins again, like a kind of rebirth, with the coming of every autumn. and i am always anticipating that fresh start, clean slate feeling.

of course, here in sweden, summer has had a firm grip on us for  the past few weeks, so there’s more light to soak up before the dark, cold days are again upon us. in addition to beginning to get back into the groove, my love + i have also tried to live it up, having our last little summer flings of warm days and late nights.

here’s a little taste of the rituals + routines that i have welcomed back into my life.

morning rituals: coffee (with milk!). meditation. long weekend breakfasts.milk coffee meditate pancakes home
afternoon routines: bike rides. exercise. walks in the sun. errands downtown.
bikeuppsala hippie van trees workout
evening fun: gazing at the sky, hanging with friends, sunsetsbirds beer sky sunset
weekend freedom: a dear friend visiting from berlin, picnics, bbqs, sunshine, s’mores.

lina me gesine Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset me gesine bbq picnic uppsala

it was a good week of easing back into things. hope you have had a great weekend, and here’s to wishing you a wonderful week ahead filled with lots of good energy + inspired moments.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

6 thoughts on “// week thirty four // for the love of routines + rituals

  1. I too have found myself moving back into my ‘routine’ — after a summer not spending any time in the studio, I found myself back in its sacred space. Oh what joy!

    1. I so enjoyed seeing your post in which you shared some of your work! I love how everything you do, you do from your soul. Hooray for routines – and for autumn! xo

  2. I really loved all the blues/teals in your pictures this week. Beautiful! And as for routines, I love them too. I find it relaxing to have a general idea of what I’ll be doing with my time in advance. Although at the moment I’m going to have to figure out new ones. As of tomorrow morning, my school year will officially begin and I’ll be teaching every day. So long to my typical leisurely morning with a long walk and relaxed breakfast before I get going! But the summer was wonderful, and I do feel ready to tackle this next challenge!

    1. Thank you, Carissa! I had not even realized that there were so many blues in all o my photos until you mentioned it. 🙂 I have been thinking about you this week, sending you lots of good thoughts. So exciting! Though, I have never ever been as tired as I have been than those 7 years I was a teacher. Phew!! Lots of love. xo

  3. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to a little more routine too. Our summer has been fun and I”m so glad we got a getaway last week, but now I”m so ready. My husband is a teacher and is currently on summer break, so he sleeps late and stays up late and then I sleep too late and stay up too late and am all thrown off. It will be nice to get back in the swing next week! (but oh, I’ll miss the summer sun!) xx

    1. How exciting that you got to go to Portland! I loved following along in IG. 🙂 I have never spent any time there – just passed through in a car once. I, too, am having summer’s end panic attacks too, even if I am welcoming the changes and the routines. Gaaah! Can’t we have everything all at once?! 😉

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