// week thirty seven // the answer is blowin in the wind

happy monday to you! here we are again, at the start of a new week. i still feel as if i am spinning. like life has picked up some crazy, ridiculous speed. and yet, i also still feel quite calm. i am sorry if i sound like a broken record right now. but, it’s just a crazy time for me. so much is happening. so much is changing. life is really taking hold here in uppsala, which is good. at the same time, i have extreme homesickness for the mountains of north carolina.

with everything flying around about me, changing, transitioning, moving forward, i just pray that i stay grounded. that i remain true to myself. that i slow down each and every day.

technically, i don’t feel like that will be a problem, but i am just trying to stay aware. i am trying to really, truly focus on the present moment, even as the present moment is filled with so much that i never imagined.

field blowing

there truly has been a sudden shift in my life int he past two-three weeks. since summer vacation ended. of course, things have changed drastically throughout 2015, as at the beginning of the year my love and i found ourselves moving back to sweden.

yes, so very much has shifted and is still shifting. and it is just taking me a while to adjust. there is much that i don’t recognize, and much that is familiar. ultimately, i’ve spent so long dreaming, planning, wishing, hoping and suddenly stuff is happening. suddenly there is no need to sit + wish. now it’s time to go with the flow that’s quickly flowing, and at the same time stay consciously connected + grounded + aware.

i feel a bit like this photo above. completely secure and yet whipping + blowing in the breeze of a swift wind. i’m safe and being true to myself. yet i am being blown around. but, the reeds, the grass, they inspire me. they remind me that, once again, the ultimate job that i have is to simply stay attached. to keep my heart + head and soul aligned. to listen. to bend. to just be me.

last week, i didn’t take as many photos as i usually do because i worked so many hours. many of the photos i did take i have already shared with you in my blog posts from last week. so, if you’d like to see some of how my week was you can check here, here, and here. today, i just felt like this one photo and these reflections were exactly what i needed.

now, it’s time to get this week underway +  we shall see what other changes come into our life as the days pass. in the meantime, my soul knows that i must meditate. i must sleep. write. eat. enjoy. and stay connected. the energy that i feel is strong. it is a bit foreign to me. but, it is pushing + guiding me into a whole new phase in life.

i admit that, at first, the wind + craziness have felt scary. but, as i remain in the essence of who i am, it all settles down and i become at one with the flow. the answer really is, my friend, blowing in the wind.

video created on saturday on the grounds of the castle in uppsala

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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  1. The mountains of NC are part of my all-time favourite parts of the USA. I spend a bit of time most years out near Boone on the music festival trail, followed by the Columbia Gorge in OR/WA NW Coast region – another beautiful, breath-taking part of the country. Easy to understand why you miss it all. I now miss Sverige and am plotting a return!

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