what to do when you’re wide awake & excited.

Blog, of course!!

Yep. Helloooo, jet lag! It’s 5am and I’m wide awake, bursting with excitement!! I know I should force myself to try to sleep some more, but after laying here or almost an hour, I decided to write a bit.


I have no idea how it got to be Tuesday. Sunday & Monday were one long blur… The travel began Sunday evening with a stop in Stockholm to stay with a friend overnight before our morning flight on Monday. The night was very cozy & very fun, perhaps too much fun (hehe). Let’s just say it included a nice dinner, multiple bottles of wine, and singing battles with playstation’s SingStar until 3:30 am. Fun! But, not smart, as we then had only 2 hours of sleep until our taxi to the airport. There were some tough moments at 5:45am…

The flight over was really good, though I slept perhaps a tots of 45 minutes, even though I was dead tired. But, it was smooth sailing, & I sat all cozy on my little corner watching on demand movies & tv. Geez, I love traveling like that! We arrived early, made it through customs… always a little iffy when you’re trying to get into the states. You never know who you’ll get at passport control & what kind of mood they might be in. Our guy wasn’t in a good mood, but he didn’t seem to really care. So, 2 questions & a fingerprint scan, and our passports were stamped and we were in!!!

It was soooo great to see my parents! We jumped right into our little adventures, as we made an unexpected little sightseeing tour of west manhattan, thanks to the GPS telling us to take a road that led directly into the city as we made our way north to Connecticut. It was actually perfect! It was the middle of a Monday afternoon, and a national holiday, so there were no traffic problems, and a split second of having that NYC feeling!

By dinner time we were in Connecticut with my aunt & 2 cousins, laughing, eating, & drinking together. I LOVE IT!! After catching up, filling our bellies, & enjoying a little of the Reynolds craziness, Lina & I climbed to stairs to our cozy bedroom, shut the door, snuggled under the covers, and fell asleep before our heads were on the pillow, I think.

Sounds pretty cozy… Think I’ll try to sleep a little more now before it’s time for morning coffee and then a road trip with the fam to Vermont! It feels soooo great to be here!!! I’m overjoyed right now!

Goodnight! Or good morning! Or whatever… my friends.


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