here i go. again!

it’s sunday! all the craziness with work is over! the intensity went right up to the last minute, but now it’s over. i’m in the midst of my last minute preparations before i jump on a bus to stockholm later this afternoon. we’re gonna stay with a friend overnight in stockholm… looking forward to a cozy evening with her; and then, early tomorrow morning we’re headed to the airport.

can’t wait to see my parents tomorrow afternoon!!! and as if that’s not great enough, we’re headed to my aunt, uncle, & 2 cousins in connecticut for a few days. gaaahhh. gonna be fantastic & FUN! after some days in the northeast, we’re on our way south to the mountains of north carolina – to see my brother & sister-in-law (YAY!), grab some drinks with some great friends, visit the church where i used to work (and all the people there!), and just hang out at the mountain house. the idea is to relax and enjoy life for 2 weeks. sounds perfect to me.

ok, my dear blog world, that’s it from me until i’m stateside again. have a great sunday!

peace, peeps!

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  1. argh, i seem to have missed you before you went …. but if you do see this, then have a really really lovely time .. enjoy your family 🙂 x

    1. Thanks!!! I will have a wonderful time… my family is so great! Hope you have a great week… enjoy your meditation class! xxx

  2. Liz, Lina, both, have a wonderful trip! If you will be blogging from the road I will be following.
    Enjoy, safe travels, and as always you’re right, eyes open to a new world [even a world previously visited and lived in] still allows for travel, adventure the lot…
    Enjoy xx

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