when your heart aches, it’s time to refocus.

i want to be here more than anything right now.

and i want to be doing this with these people (and a few more).

but, it’s not possible for me to go home to north carolina this summer. lina & i discussed it today, and we are aching to go there. longing to heal this hurting that is deep in our hearts. and while our minds are dreaming of this place, we know that we will be staying here. so, it’s time to dig deep and focus on the joys that come with staying in sweden this summer.

reasons i love living in sweden:

1. you can find ice cream. anytime. anywhere. whenever you are craving it. because swedes love their ice cream. it just so happened i craved it this afternoon. and voila! craving satisfied.

2. when i look up, i see this.

3. when i look down the street i see this.

4. when i need to buy groceries or pick up a package in the mail, i go here to my historical building-turned-grocery store/post office (where i shop: photo a day june).

5. every time i arrive home, i see this date on the foundation of my building, reminding me that it was built 105 years ago.

so, though i am missing summer in north carolina, i am working hard to remember all the perks of living in sweden. i mean, come on. it’s europe. everything’s old. and gorgeous. i don’t have too much to complain about. but, on those days & moments when i find myself missing my family, i will look up, or out my window, or down the street and soak in all the beauty. it’s so important to try to live in the present moment, to not always be wishing you were somewhere else, but appreciating all that is around. i refuse to be that person who is stuck wishing for the past or waiting for the future. instead, i am going to refocus & create a beautiful summer exactly where i am.

well, i’m gonna try. and if anyone wants to come & visit, you’re more than welcome! i’ll play tour guide!

peace and summer love wherever you are.

0 thoughts on “when your heart aches, it’s time to refocus.

  1. Det måste vara svårt att vara så långt ifrån sina nära och kära (även om du har många nära och kära i Sverige också). Jag skulle ha väldigt svårt för det. Visst kan man längta till olika platser. Jag får snart komma till den plats som har störst utrymme i mitt hjärta och som jag kan längta intensivt till emellanåt. Skeppsgårdsstranden, tidiga, soliga morgnar i ensamhet och stillhet. De stunderna lever jag på resten av året… Kram Britt.

    1. Det är precis hur jag känner om beachen i USA med min familj och släkt. Den här sommaren ska jag använda Skeppsgårdensläger på samma sett istället. Då kommer jag att lever på hela året runt också. Ja, jag vet att jag har många nära och kära i Sverige och i USA. Mitt liv är fult upp med så mycket kärlek från så många människor och det känns underbart! Kram!

  2. So important but yet so difficult… I always have to watch myself that I don’t fall in to the Ex-Pat-trapp: Well in Switzerland we’d do this, in Switzerland I’d have that, … No, Stop, look around, see the beauty, remember the reason you’re here. But then I guess we will never get rid of the homesickness. I can only imagine how it must be for you, not knowing when you’re going back next, not having the possibility of moving back. Very tough! so here comes hug just for you and your gorgeous wife

    1. It is so unbelievably amazing to know that you understand so well how I feel! And you have for some time now… It’s great we can be kindred spirits. Thank you for the huge, wonderful hug!!! Sending one right back! xo

  3. That beach is gorgeous, you’d be mad not to miss it!!

    How long have you been in Sweden now? I feel like the last year or so, the homesickness got better for me. I’ll have been here 8 years on June 30th!

    It’s also strange when you go ‘home’, I think. When I go back to Scotland I miss Germany. 😉

    I also find it odd what I actually miss. I expected to miss people but I also miss the sea (even though I rarely went there), the architecture, some of the food, certain attitudes, the familiarity. Is it the same for you?

    1. I have been in Sweden almost 2 years now. I think that my sense of homesickness is heightened because I am dealing with some really difficult things in life right now. So, while I’m dealing, and things are going ok, I am missing the safety of the familiarity of the States. Plus, that beach is a place where I have been almost every summer of my life (except maybe 2) for the past 27 years of my life. So, it’s hard to miss out on it this summer. And while summer can be gorgeous here in Sweden, it’s not a given. And it’s not totally warm all the time. I miss knowing that it’s hot & I can be near the ocean every day if I want to. Yes, I am being a spoiled brat. 😉

      I totally understand what you mean, when I am in the States miss Sweden, and I know exactly all the things I would miss if I lived in the States again. It’s so crazy to have 2 homes. In a perfect whorl I would spend about 6 months each place. 🙂 I love them both!

      And yes, while I miss people, I miss the culture as well: buildings, nature, smells, feelings, attitudes, food. I’m with you.

  4. Du får jättegärna vara min guide! Fungerar dock bara om du är tillgänglig under v.28… Stora kramar

  5. Hej! Det skulle bli kul, men jag är på Skeppsgårdensläger v. 28 tyvårr. 🙁 Men jag har semester v. 29-31… kanske du kan åka hit någon då 🙂

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