why i nest when the seasons change

we’re coming up on autumn up here in the northern hemisphere – and that means that i’m getting into that nesting mood. it happens every time this year… i start to stock up on candles, bring out the blankets + cozy, fluffy sheepskin rugs. making all of the corners of our home cozy + ready for the long, dark winter.

right now, however, we seem to be experiencing an indian summer in sweden + it is absolutely gorgeous out. hooray for golden september light. so, while it’s still beautiful, we seem to have found tons of inspiration (especially my love – who is a killer att finding cool, unique shit) all around us. and it’s given us a burst of energy to really get serious about settling into our home.

i think that lina and i have done an amazing job over the years of merging our own styles together + creating a very signature liz + lina style. i love how all of the homes we have shared have looked. and, now that we are homeowners for the first time, it’s even more fun to create our home, our sanctuary.

we’re taking our time in decorating, letting the feel of our home speak to us and waiting to see what kinds of things we want that will be functional and beautiful, that really represent the kind of vibes and energy we want surrounding us, and anyone who comes to visit.

as part of our process of nesting  + inspiration, lina showed me a blog the other day, and i fell majorly in love with it. the entire blog is pretty great, but the home + design archives of this lovely couple living in phoenix, arizona make me just melt. it’s as if they have taken all of the things that i love + lina love and merged them together.

i literally want to copy everything that they have done – with our own special touch and personal things, of course.

but, instead of copying them, we are using their photos as our kind of mood board. i mean, seriously guys, their shit rocks my socks.

so, to begin our nesting process for our first autumn in our home, we decided to start with plants. and lots of them. mostly succulents + cacti. read: easy to care for because we do not have green thumbs. soon, i’ll bring in a few leaves and other autumn-y things, but for now, we are starting with rugged, tough, hearty plants, placing them in various spots all around our home.

want a little tour?! here you go!



everything is quite bright + light + minimalist right now… a calm, zen feeling that we have adopted as our focus. but, we always add in a bit of color too. the plants really give the spaces a boost of freshness, aliveness, and peace, i think.

as the days grow shorter and much, much darker, we will, of course, be very thankful for the bright, white, zen palette that provides such a sense of light during the daylight hours (of which there will only be 4-5). otherwise, the blankets, candles, and rugs will wrap us in warmth and coziness.

oh, autumn. how i love that you are on your way.

how do you nest? how do you change the look of your home with the changing of the seasons?

happy nesting, lovelies.

xoxo. liz

4 thoughts on “why i nest when the seasons change

  1. At first, I thought these were the pics from the blog until I recognized a few things. I LOVE it! It looks so cozy and warm, but also very eclectic and minimalist too. Great job!

  2. Whoa. I’ve seen photos of your house here and there of course but seeing it all at once: *its so put together!!* Seriously, it looks like a magazine!

    1. Ha!! Thanks so much! Lina keeps it clean and sparkly. And we work together on the decorative stuff. 🙂

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