facing the truth of september’s full moon

sometimes it just feels like everything is all lining up. i mean, you feel like there is a change coming, and shift, and you begin to actually understand + see it in everything you experience.

there are a few unrelated, little things going on right now that, when put together, make something powerful for me.

first of all, it’s my birthday month. and i love my birthday. it’s not so much about the presents (though i love presents!), but it’s more about the fact that it feels like new year’s day. i mean, it is a new year, you know?  when september comes, it means that i think a lot about being born + being born anew. i cherish that clean slate feeling and the humility that comes with beginning a new journey around the sun. so, right now i am gearing up for celebrating my birthday, which is a little more than a week away. and i’m reflecting + dreaming in preparation for celebrating turning 42. and, i have to say, it’s feeling pretty awesome.

and then, there’s the whole changing of the seasons. the autumnal equinox signals a shift and a change in the cycle of life. and this week, as we slowly make that shift, as the sun rises markedly later and sets noticeably earlier, the days literally hit a balance of light + dark. but, only this week. only right now… until it happens again when spring arrives next year. so, there is a beautiful balance of energy right now.

next up, is this coming weekend. tomorrow (friday) i head out for my very last life coach weekend. i technically finished up last may, but i missed one session in march when lina and i moved, so i have to make it up. and that’s happening this weekend. after that, i am totally, totally done. my 60 hours of training is complete, and i should be receiving my certification any day. that blows my freaking mind. and i am so excited. but, now comes the next step… making it real.

and, finally, there is a full moon tonight/tomorrow. a strong full moon that’s all about truth – facing the truth, telling ourselves the truth, and letting that truth set us free by letting go of all of the things that we don’t need anymore so we can move forward. this moon can illuminate and shine light on all of the dark, forgotten or ignored places that we have, if we let it.

when i slow down + listen to my soul, i realize that all of these things happening together mean one thing for me: i am embarking on a whole new phase. a whole new period of my life.

no more searching, learning, wandering,

no more questioning or doubting anything about who i am.

it’s time to let go + move on. 

there are some things that i have been dragging around with me for years. things, that i realize now, i have been purging from my soul for the past 9 years. and it has taken 9 years to purge them from my life. and now… now it is time to let go and embark on something totally new. to claim and embrace all that i am and all that i dream of.

i’ve been slowly + intentionally exploring + adventuring + discovering since my divorce from my first marriage 9 years ago. and these 9 years, years that i have shared with lina, have been incredible. freeing. exciting. undeniably life-changing. i’ve been learning how to break free and simply live as me. not wanting anyone else’s life, or hiding from my own truth, but, instead embracing who i am, how i am, what i want, and learning to believe that i deserve that life just as much as i believe everyone else does.

it’s been an amazing journey, but difficult. somewhere deep inside me, i have always yearned to be as inspiring, cool, good, creative, beautiful as someone else. as if i am not enough just as i am. it’s been a hard lesson to learn, and, honestly, every now and then, those feelings creep up again. until i ground myself and remember that i have worked through this.

so, now,  it’s time to release all of that. it’s time to look honestly at myself and the things that just might be/have been those old habit, old thoughts, old fears that have been holding me back. oh, i have pushed forward and accomplished a lot. but, there is so very much more. i can feel it inside me. i know it in my soul.

it’s time to move on because i have found so much within me – and there is much to do. so many dreams and visions. and now is the time to make that big shit happen.

i don’t really know what to call this next phase, and i don’t need to know. i don’t even know what it is really about. i have no concrete thoughts but, i know that it is time for it. and, that there is no better time than right now – around my birthday, as i celebrate completing my life coach certification, and when there is a magical full moon overhead as we slowly shift to autumn.

yes, says my soul, this is meant to be.

is there something you need to let go of and release? do you feel a shift within your own life? look to the moon over the next few nights and let her shine on you. feel the power and courage and strength that you already have within.

full moon blessings, wild ones.

xoxo. liz. 


One thought on “facing the truth of september’s full moon

  1. I totally love the fact that you “don’t need to know what this new phase is called” and that you’re just flinging yourself forward towards your destiny, backed with so much resolve and intent. You’re just doing it. Love, love, love! You’re courage and willingness to delve into the unknown inspires me everytime o read on of these posts.

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