on the hunt for some warmth. in sweden. in january.


i think that the weather forecast shows that it is supposed to warm up a little bit in the next few days – and by “warm up”, i mean 0C/32F. but, i’m not counting on it. folks, i am frozen to my bones. like, totally. it is extremely beautiful and all that, but i cannot get warm. there’s only so much coffee & tea a woman can drink. yes, i just said that. but, seriously, i don’t want to spend all day & night in the bathroom.

luckily, a friendly follower i have on instagram, tagged me in a little 5 shot photo challenge. here’s how it works. she gave me a theme, and i was challenged to take 5 consecutive pictures using that theme within 5 days. i also got to tag a new person with each photo & give them a theme. fun! but the thing that made it the most fun, was the theme she gave me: warmth! now that’s a challenge in sweden in january! of course, she knows i live in sweden, so she knew that i’d have to be creative. she lives in australia, and is experiencing & posting tons of warm, hot, summer days in her instagram feed. jealous? you know i am!

anyway, i thought i’d share my warm-themed photos that i used for the challenge. thanks for the fun, @kataslap! here are my suggestions of how to stay warm in sweden in the middle of the never-ending, freaking cold, icy-white winter days.

1. wear slippers. a must.


2. drink coffee or tea. lots of it.b9b9fe0a660c11e2b16122000a1f9e61_7

3. sit in the sunshine. whenever it’s shining in your home, go there. and sit.


4. light lots of candles. all day. all night. all the time.bcf62c3c66bc11e2854522000a1f9e45_75. make homemade soup. a big pot. eat it multiple times to warm your belly.


stay warm, out there! and if you’re in a warm place, stay cool!


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  1. Here in Michigan it’s been a whopping few degrees above 0 for the past week. I have been doing everything you list here except candles. Lol. I have also been wearing knit stockings under my jeans.

  2. Trade you some cold for some snow! We here in Minnesota (the southern part) have been down near zero Fahrenheit now for a few days. Today the temp is up in the teens but with very strong winds the wind chills are below zero F. And we have ugly dry ground 🙁 “Up north” they are about 20 degrees colder than we are. Pity my poor sister and her children, air force brats who are experiencing their first real winter–in Grand Forks, ND.

    1. I will say that it does honestly FEEL colder in Norrkoping than one would think by the temperature reading, so I sympathize with you on that chilled-to-the-bone feeling. I would add blankets and/or quilts to your gallery of ways to stay warm.

  3. I like the idea of sitting in the sun the best. I stood outside in the sun today, even though it was cold, I really wanted and needed to catch some rays for a few moments. 🙂


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