your path is beautiful + crooked + just as it should be

with a new move, comes a lot of practical things to take care of. i mean, we have to deal with reality. not everything is dinners out + trips + meeting up with old friends. just now, lina and i are frantically searching for a place to live in uppsala  – where we will be moving to in one week because her job begins next monday. of course, i’m sending applications all over the place right now to find some kind of work as well. it is absolutely necessary to deal with all of these kinds of things in life, and prioritize what we can do + what we want to do.

all of this uncertainty is stressful + scary. nothing that i haven’t dealt with before in life, or will deal with again. still… it’s high stress. and the only way i can deal with all of the fear and uncertainty is to reconnect with my soul.

the other day, we took a walk through a park here in norrköping. the air was crisp, snow hung on the trees, + it was simply magical. we just had to get outside to soak it all up…

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0104 IMG_0135 IMG_0115 IMG_0120 IMG_0124 IMG_0133

the path may be uncertain, crooked, sideways, uphill, downhill, dark, unknown, scary, exciting, and so much more. but, one thing i am most certainly always certain of is, that whatever path you are on, whatever path i am on, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. if we can grab on to that thought and breathe through it, sucking out the beauty of each + every mundane day, then we can make it.

how about it. let’s all promise to take a few moments to sip on a cup of coffee or step outside or do some yoga or play some music today, ok? let’s do it for our souls. because, i fully + completely believe that when our souls + spirits are calm, then we tap into the powerful energy + inspiration that resides deeps inside us and connects us all. and then, we are empowered to keep on moving. we are energized to become more. we are ready to create and do and live. ahhh.. i can almost feel the power rising from within me!

onwards + upwards!


6 thoughts on “your path is beautiful + crooked + just as it should be

  1. Beautiful photos!
    I do hope the stress is subsiding and some things are sorting themselves out!
    Work and house sorting is never fun, and never all at once, but in a couple of weeks your new home will embrace you and all will be easier…

    1. Things are sorting themselves out, yes. It feels a bit better right now. the only thing we are waiting on this moment is for our shipping stuff to arrive – it’s in Sweden, but held up at customs. Grrrr. 😉

  2. Breathtaking photos! I’m so glad you were able to find some calm and peace in the midst of all the stress and changes. Best of luck with the job search and all of your other tasks/adjustments!

    1. Thank you Carissa! Things are going pretty ok here – always holding on to the belief that things always work out better than we even try to plan/imagine. Hope you are doing better now, and settling down from all of the craziness that you’ve had lately. Sending you love. xx

  3. I love following your journey Liz, and hope things have settled down a bit. I know you will make the most of this new chapter and look forward to hearing about it. Oh, and these photos? AMAZING!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for following Audrey… it’s so humbling to know that people keep up with these crazy little stories I tell of my life. Things are full speed ahead and yet settling down all at the same time, whatever that means. Haha! But, it’s how I feel I suppose. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!! xoxo

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