5 to 1 countdown : because countdowns + surveys are fun

lately i’m digging these different lists that pop up and make their way through blogs. i think it’s fun to do a post that’s a bit different. it helps me to not get stuck or bored or repetitive. plus, i love love love reading your blog posts, when you do lists too. it’s so fun to learn more about each other, don’t ya think?

today i’m doing a list that i got from my love. check out her post >>> here.

ok. here i go:

5 things I think about a lot

• making holiday preparations! getting ideas, making lists, and feeling super excited
• how i am going to create my own business. what i need to do/how i go about it. i’m in a brainstorming phase right now. i’m pondering exactly what my values are, my purpose, my direction, what want to focus on and offer. and how i will use this blog. it is all so inspiring and i am so motivated. so much is running around my head and i’m scribbling it down everywhere it feels like. so, it’s gonna be time to gather all of my thoughts into a plan. squeeee!
• how much i miss my family in the states. and how much i miss the states.
• my love’s treatment and the ways i can support her… what meals i am going to prepare. creating creative, comfortable, healthy menus (thanks to pinterest + some info we have from lina’s previous treatment days) for the week and grocery lists.
• making a pilgrimage to india. a huge dream of mine. one day!


4 things that smell wonderful

• christmas trees
• hops brewing in a brewery
• the salty air at beach/ocean
• mexican food


3 things I want to improve in my life/get better at

• using my time wisely. staying motivated.
• cooking and baking
• setting a blogging routine of scheduling and posting + successfully doing it

patti smith boots

2 things I miss in my closet

• black boots like these.
• a nice, classic white tee like this one.


1 thing I want to do before 2015 is over

• finish. a. rough. draft. of. my. book.

that’s it! my 5 to 1 countdown. so, my friends, do you want to join in? come on! take this fun little survey/list and share it on your blog. (tip: if you’re stuck and don’t know what to write about, it’s the perfect thing to jump start your creativity).

wishing you a fabulous thursday! tonight, we’re having a dear friend come to visit for the weekend – so i’m pretty stoked. have a good one, peeps!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

6 thoughts on “5 to 1 countdown : because countdowns + surveys are fun

  1. Ahhh you know I love a list!
    Good luck on the continual business planning – if I could help in any way, ever, please do shout me out!
    Also – India – ah… I wouldn’t call my lust for a pilgirmage, but more of an extended holiday! I have the LP since forever ago, and it’s been on my go-to list for a long time (though since they’ve back tracked in their LGBT laws, and taken a step backwards, I’m a little lax to for now! I just don’t want to go holidaying in countries where it’s not legal to hold hands with my girl – it hasn’t bothered me so much in the past (during extended travels in east / west africa etc, but not, very different… but that’s the girl that’s done that maybe mostly 😉 )
    Baking – yay!!!

    1. I do know you love them! And I think I’m gonna try to do one a week. Just because they are fun. 🙂 I know… there are issues with India. But, I am just dying to go. No matter what. I’m gonna be stubborn about it! 😉

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