a little blog lovin’ and some jack kerouac.

jack kerouac

a few weeks ago, i found out that i was the winner of a little blog contest. yaaaay! now, you gotta know, i never ever have the good luck to win anything. but, one of my blogging friends, the sweet and travel-addicted paige over at for the love of wanderlust had a contest on her blog. she was going to give away a travel book, and i commented on her blog post simply because i comment on her posts quite often. ‘cuz she’s good. i love her gorgeous pictures, reading where she’s planning on going next, and soaking up inspiration from her travel quotes and book recommendations. what i love most about her, though, is that she takes awesome trips to places in europe or amazing parks in the states and shares her journeys with her readers; but she is just as excited about driving down the road an hour or 2 on a saturday to visit a diner and enjoy the local atmosphere. she truly is a wanderluster who find adventure and excitement in every facet of life. and i love that. check her out!

anyway, i found out that i was the lucky winner of her contest & that she was going to send a book that she’d recommended on her blog. well, because she had recommended it a few months ago, i bought it when i was in the states during christmas. and i love it! so, i didn’t need her to send me another one. i told her to send it to someone else, if she wanted. but, sweet paige said that she’d send me another book that was on my travel book wish list.

today, i got home and what was laying on the floor in my hall? a slip of paper to go and pick up a package! my book from paige had arrived! but, she was so sweet to include not only the book i wanted, jack kerouac’s on the road, (“the story of a fierce personal quest for meaning and belonging” lived out in a cross-country road trip in the usa) but also a journal, a pen, some candy, and a handwritten postcard. i am so touched! and it is so sweet of her to take the time and effort to send it to me all the way over here in sweden!

thank you, paige!

so, now i’ve had my first “real life” contact with a fellow blogger and i only look forward to more. i am truly excited about having a chance to have my first meet-up someday with one of y’all. this blogging community is good stuff. it’s such a fabulous give & take kind of relationship, when it’s at its best.

to all you bloggers out there, keep writing. keep photographing. keep posting. keep delving into yourself & having the courage to share a little bit of your thoughts, musings, and life with all of us. i, for one, receive so much inspiration, support, and enjoyment from you. the connections and opportunities to learn, grow, and be transformed are priceless. i’m thinking that this blogging thing brings just a little more peace and love into this world.

who are some of your favorite bloggers? spread the blog love!

sending you buckets full of admiration & peace.

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  1. Very cool, Liz!

    Some years ago, I happened across a bluegrass singer via …. hmm, can’t even recall now, named Liz Meyers (another Liz!). She was in the Netherlands & quite popular in the USA. We corresponded & I eventually helped her with some computer issues (remote assist from the states)- in return, she surprised me with all of her CD’s mailed to me one day!

    Sadly, Liz passed away from cancer in 2011. I still listen to her music & am struck by how people we’ve never met can influence us?

    Anyway- great post. And if anyone reading here enjoys really awesome bluegrass:



  2. Tracy,

    I looove bluegrass! It’s the music that touches my soul. Grounds me. Makes me feel home. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Liz. But, I’m listening right now as I type to you. 🙂 Thanks for the tip! And thanks for being one of my blogging buddies who I would love to meet one day. Your comments and thoughts inspire me so much, so one day I hope we meet face to face.


  3. Hi Liz,

    One of my favorite bloggers is Dirty Red at Relationsh*t.


    Her blog is about her life, her thoughts, her beliefs, and some incredibly wise posts about what she thinks and believes and why. Some of her posts are definitely adult topics. Although she is not old, she is wise beyond her years.

    Another is Granny at The Village Granny.


    This is someone who is older than me and incredibly wise, but I think she must have been incredibly wise for a very long time already. And she has an incredible heart as well.

    These are two women I would definitely love to meet in person, and a third blogger I would want to meet is you dear Liz.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  4. Liz, you are too sweet! Thank you so much for such generous compliments to both me and my blog. I’m so glad that your package arrived safely to Sweden! I’m so grateful also to you and other fellow-bloggers. You’re absolutely right that these relationships we build with fellow-bloggers are so beautiful! I hope to meet up one day soon- especially since you’re moving back to the US soon- that will be much easier! I hope you enjoy On the Road and the rest of your package! Happy blogging!

  5. I hope you like that book. I tried to listen to it on CD on a little road trip across state lines and couldn’t get “into” it. I think I kept listening, thinking things would change and I would enjoy it, but it was not to be.

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