a little music makes the world go ’round.

perhaps the tiny bit of snow that fell last night & seems to be sticking around throughout the day has inspired me. perhaps i’m just in a good mood. perhaps i’m a little bit excited about being in the states THIS TIME NEXT WEEK! perhaps, i’m just feeling good, or i’m over tired. whatever it is, but i’m being uncharacteristically productive today. and i like it.

the only thing is, i’m having a little bit of music ADD right now… can’t decide what to listen to. when it was the christmas season, i didn’t even have to think, i just set my christmas playlists on repeat for a month and a half. now, i have to decide what kind of mood i’m in, what artist fits that mood, and i’m dying to find some new tunes to play as well… any suggestions? anyone?

well, just a short post & a few pics. gotta get back to work! ok. first, gotta make a cup of yummy, warm tea (champagne tea! thanks, v!) and light some candles. it’s getting dark. yes, i have the luxury from working from the warmth & coziness of my sofa. this morning i was social and productive at the church, now i’m doing some reflective planning from home. i freaking love my flexible, diverse work! ok. time to stop typing. really. now.

 snowy, early tuesday morning.

 the empty corner where the christmas tree used to be… just waiting for us to decide what new interior decorating project we’re gonna do!

 on my way to work this morning. brrr!!!

 a little bit of the white stuff on our street.

 yep. i just liked this scene.

 afternoon work at home. i know. i’m lucky. veeeery lucky.

ok. for real. break over. turn on some good tunes (still open to suggestions) and back to work!

peace out!

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  1. y Dear, do you have Spotify? I am never sure how to share this new fangled technology, but here is a little hit list I have compiled which may very well appeal to a sophisticated soul like your good self:


    Pop it on random play, if at least one song does not make you smile then I’ll be damned.

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

    If the link does not work, here is a little taster of what frequently spins around the Embassy gramophone:

    1. My dear sir,
      Why, yes, I do indeed have Spotify. The problem with it is that there are endless possibilities with it! So much music, and no idea where to start today. So, your tips are much appreciated. The link, unfortunately, did not work and I am dying to hear your little compilation. But, thank you for the extra little tastes of musical happiness. I am much obliged. If you feel like trying again… right click on the playlist’s title and then copy the HTTP link, I think. 🙂

  2. Et voila!


    Plenty more where that comes from, I was a music journalist in a previous life…or a previous part of this life at least. That’s not to say I am arrogant enough to say ‘this is good you should like it’, but rather it does give you a bit of an open window on what’s out there and the chance to stand at that open window for a job.

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

    1. Why, thank you! I listened to it at work today & discovered that we have some similar tastes. 🙂 ~Liz

  3. It’s been so long ago, I don’t even know what snow looks like anymore! Thanks for sharing those pictures, they are lovely! You seem quite excited about your trip to the US of A, how long are you staying this time? Monday is a holiday, by the way, but I’m sure you know! 😉

    1. The snow lasted only yesterday… it rained last night & it’s all gone again. Ugh. And yes I am so excited!!! I live it here, but there’s so much i miss in the states too. I’ll be there only for 2 weeks… gonna cram in as much as I can! 🙂

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