a sun and surf getaway

i have the pure joy and good fortune of having my parents live at the beach. they live on the coast of north carolina, a place that has been part of my life as long as i have been alive. they’ve lived here permanently for almost a year now, but they (or someone in my family) have owned or rented a home for years. so, whenever my love and i have a chance to snag a long weekend, a mini-vacation, we head here – to atlantic beach/morehead city for a good ole sun and surf getaway.

when we are here, we usually do the same things every single time, all of which involve the following things: water, food, drinks, family, boats, sand, sun, coffee, docks, sunrises, sunsets, bare feet, bike rides, more sun and more food and more water.

it was an amazing couple of days away from home – days we have used to celebrate and kick off our amazing summer ahead. that’s right, lina’s done with school and our summer is jam-packed with amazingness. so, we decided that we’d use these days at the beach to just relax and be before everything gets crazy fun. but, we headed back yesterday, friday, because soooo much more exciting stuff is coming up!

today we’re preparing our home for some visitors from sweden!! tomorrow, on sunday, we are heading to the airport to pick up lina’s mom and two of her aunts, who will be with us for a week! then, when we take them back to the airport for them to return to sweden, we are hopping a plane to NYC where we will meet lina’s brother & cousin. during the week that we spend in NYC, lina will turn 30, so we’ll have some major celebrations up there in the big apple! think: eating out. a few touristy things. photo-walks, cafe visits. a broadway show. and the apartment that we’ve rented in east village – gaaahh! can’t wait!

after NYC, we’re back home for a week with lina’s brother & cousin with us, and then we’re just gonna spend some time loving asheville: breweries, the pool at our apartment, hiking, being creative – my love and i are going to design and write a book! of course i’ll keep writing for the newspaper too. then, in june, we head back down to the beach for a week-long family beach week (year #30!!). and directly after that, we are headed to sweden for a month! and all of that’s only from now until the end of july!

what an amazing summer we have ahead, of just enjoying life and soaking up every single minute together. i am so unbelievably happy and blessed and overwhelmed.

here’s to kicking off our summer at the beach! happy weekend, to you, lovelies!

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  1. So happy for you and Lina! Soak up every minute of every experience, it is what life is about!

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