i just had to run out & buy a paper.

hey everyone! just a tiny bit of news before i go to bed. you know, the other day i told you all that i had a photography gig for a band (blackbyrd) i know that had a gig at a tapas restaurant. my first little photo job! well, it was super, super fun and i now want to write & take pictures full time. hehe. no, really i do. seriously.

anyway. i worked on my pics on sunday and sent 2 of the best over to the band to be used in a local paper. eeeeeeee!!! this afternoon i got a message that we (blackbyrd & my pic) were in the paper… today! we knew that they were gonna do the article, but we didn’t know when. it turned out to be today!!! and even better, another local paper called to ask for a picture too! yay! the only tiny downside was that the paper today did not include by name, it just wrote photo: private. ugh. but, still, it was really cool to see my pic & i’m so glad my friend is happy & got some publicity.

i have learned something from this little experience. i now know just how much i would love to pursue this whole writing & photography thing. for real.

oh, and one other thing…

about my post from yesterday (blogstock 2012), you guys rock!! i am having a blast listening to music that you all are recommending and i’m putting together a kick-ass playlist. it’ll be available on thursday!! the only problem is that i have so much music to listen to, i need to take the day off tomorrow. which i’m not gonna do, but i am still gonna listen to every suggestion, even while i’m at work. oh yeah, you know it.

so, keep the music lovin’ coming, folks! you guys are amazing!

have a great night, and do something creative just for the heck of it.

peace out.


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  1. It’s always awesome to be appreciated! congrats on your first picture in a local newspaper, that must feel exciting indeed!

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