carolina in my mind.

headed home to the mountains for the holidays! (photo from oh pioneer.)

it’s time!!

today we begin our journey home to north carolina to celebrate the holidays with my family! i can’t believe that the day is here! though the time has passed quite quickly, i must admit. still, oh, how i have longed to nestle down in my parents’ cabin in the woods. a fire burning in the fireplace. lights twinkling on the tree. sipping on hot chocolate. sounds almost too perfect, huh? well, it’s not perfect, but it is pretty wonderful, especially when i/we haven’t celebrated with my family in 4 years. but, in 24 hours, we’ll be there!

first, we’ve got to move zola (our cat) to lina’s parents’ home (they are babysitting). we’re having a little separation anxiety already. then, i have to work a little bit tonight at the church – we have a traditional english service of lessons & carols. and later on, we hop on a train to stockholm for the night. our plane leaves tomorrow morning!

i’ll be in touch with y’all when i’m stateside! for now, here’s a little song that’s stuck in my head… from a famous north carolina native, james taylor.

happy joyful sunday! peace.

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    1. I know, good ole JT. So great! Thank you for your well wishes. I’m gonna soak it all up!

  1. Have a safe and wonderful journey! I couldn’t listen to the song because “Spotify” is not available where I am. so I’m off to search it out on youtube!

    Happy Trails to you!

  2. Önskar er en härlig resa, en riktigt God jul och ett Gott nytt år! Ta hand om varandra och ha det så gott! Kramar.

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