catching you up on the low-down: i’m writing for a newspaper!

remember that freelance contract thing that i wrote about two weeks ago? well, some things have been happening with that. like big time. i can’t believe i never even posted about this last week. well, i was at the beach, for one. and then, super busy the rest of the week.

anyway. long story short… after i met with the editor (which is this post), she said she would give my name to the food coordinator, who would probably contact me to meet me. well, SHE DID! i got an email and we set up an appointment for the friday morning that i left to go to the beach. it was a-freaking-mazing! we hit it off really well, and it all just felt so right.

i left the building that day (the building where i said that i dreamed i’d be working one day) before heading to the beach with not one, but TWO, story assignments, people. seriously. i couldn’t believe it.

the first story is the beginning of my series from my other blog…. my project on the 40 days of fika .so,  as of right now, i am going to write an article and feature one cafe where i have fika-ed once a month. eeeeekkkk!! the articles will be about 1000 words, with some of my photos too! i can hardly believe it. i know i’ve said that already. but, i am freaking out here. i mean, this is my dream.

the food coordinator then asked me if i would be interested in doing any other articles. uhhhh… yeah. so, i have another assignment to visit a local diner that is under new management and is trying to appeal to a different crowd. that article is due next monday (the 21st). still can’t believe it.


the fika article is due tomorrow. so, basically, that’s what i’ve done today – put the finishing touches on the article, picked my photos, and emailed it to my editor. that’s right… i just emailed my first newspaper story to my editor! this feels amazing. crazy. a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

when i moved back to asheville, i said to lina over and over again that i just wanted to write. and that it would be my dream to write for the mountain xpress – asheville’s local arts, culture, and independent newspaper. i believed that it was possible, in the sense that we have to believe in our dreams. and i worked to make things happen, but i never thought it would happen, although i totally believed it was possible. it’s such a strange and weird feeling: to believe and chase your dreams, and still be in such disbelief that it would actually happen when it happens.

well, anyway. it has. and i am amazed. and blessed. and so unbelievably thankful. i just had to finally share it all with you. thank you for following along and for always cheering me on. it means the world to me. truly – deep from my heart.

now, i can’t wait to see how this journey continues! oh, and i’ll be sure to let you know when the article is published and how you can see it (it’s scheduled for october 23).


eeeeeek!! exciting times!

peace and love.

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  1. That is SO great, Liz. Keep believing because I’m pretty sure your dreams are going to continue to come true. Congratulations!!

    1. thank you for all of your good vibes and positive energy… i know you have been sending it. i can feel it all. xx

  2. This is so awesome!!! I’m so happy for you!!! I wish that we could read your articles over here… you’ll just have to keep us updated on the blog. 🙂

    1. you’re so sweet, sarah. i will most definitely keep you posted! it may be on the newspaper’s website, so then you can read it. but, you know i’ll have photos and stuff. 😉

  3. this is freakin’ amazingly awesome Liz!!!!! Way to go!!!!! congrats. Can’t wait to read all about you and it and what’s goin’ on! Happy thanksgiving — It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today. 🙂

    1. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope it was cozy and wonderful for you. Thank you for being a continuing inspiration for me, dear Louise. xx

  4. Woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Well done love! That’s amazing news! The folk of Asheville are lucky to have you!

    1. Amandaaaaa! Thank you for reading my blog and for making a comment!! That makes me so happy! And thank you for being excited for me. I will be sure to keep you updated!! How are you?! KRAMAR!!

  5. Aaaaaaaaannndd— she’s off!!! Off & running in a serious way! Good on ya, Liz.

    You know, the reality is that persistance pays off. You kept plowing ahead & now you have the job you were after because you just didn’t stop believing in yourself. A lot of people complain & sit back waiting for “fate” or a good thing to simply drop into their laps. I prefer the old-fashioned way of diligence & stubborness- lol. Seems like you do, too? 🙂

    1. You know it, Tracy. I’m gonna kick and push and fight on till I make that dream come true. There’s more to do, but this is an amazing start! Thank you for always being so thoughtful and caring in your comments! It means so much to me. Hope you are doing well and settling in some. xx

    1. Thanks, V!! It’s long-time blogger friends like you who have truly helped me to get this far. Love to you! xx

    1. Oh, you are soooo sweet! Thank you for the nomination! We’ll see how long it takes me to get it posted and such. 😉

  6. This story is amazing! I wanted to ask you what you gave them as writing samples – was it your blog? Even more amazing that they took you on, that’s a true sign of fate. I will have to catch up with it on your fika blog!

    1. I did send them three different blog posts about different restaurants I had visited. Plus they had taken a look at my fika blog. That was the thing that hooked them, I guess. I am truly amazed!

  7. The thing I love about this is, you were just doing it anyway, for yourself. And then the pathway opened up. Proof right there it can and does happen!

    1. It certainly does! All it takes is belief and some persistence. And being true to yourself, is key I think. xx

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