this morning my love & i sipped coffee and talked about emptiness. about feeling empty inside. lost. unrest.

we talked about what makes a person good.

we talked about learning to love ourselves and others.

and we talked about the places & people that fill up the emptiness that is inside. we realized that there is no one magical thing that fills up the emptiness within, but, instead it’s a bunch of little things that fill our soul bit by bit. and perhaps the goal of life is to fill our souls constantly…perhaps to live life to the fullest means to do just that. we seek to know who we are, what touches us, and what fills us. and when we allow ourselves to seek those people and things, then we are living from our soul. and the emptiness is not so overwhelming.

of course, perhaps we are never completely filled with everlasting fullness and peace. life is more of a balancing act. there are days that we wake up and feel empty and we don’t know why. then there are other days that we feel so full that we are overflowing. and there are days that we feel everything in between. but, to achieve that sense of inner peace, and to fill up those empty holes of hopelessness as much as possible, is an ongoing journey. it is the journey of life.

we are meant to be full, to live life to the fullest, to feel peace that comes from deep within, to laugh, love, dance, enjoy. getting to know ourselves, finding those things that fill and touch our souls, and living life surrounded by those people, places, things, and activities that fill our soul… these all give us a sense of being. a sense of peace & love. and a life that is worth living.

in the christian world, today is a dark, empty, hopeless day. jesus is dead and in the tomb. his followers are crushed. confused. disappointed. and completely without hope. i am reminded of all of the others in my life who have already died and been laid to rest. and i feel how much i miss them all. i am also thinking of all of the others in the world who live life every day feeling crushed. confused. disappointed. and hopeless. i am aware of how we all just want to run and hide because of all of the emptiness we feel. how we all just want to feel that life is worth living.

the journey is almost over, though. the journey through the darkness. it’s time to remember that even though we feel empty and hopeless, there is always light and hope. there is new life, a new chance, new opportunities, and new inspiration just around the corner. the darkness and emptiness does not last. death will be defeated. pain and suffering will end. and, in the end, love will win. we just have to keep holding on… keep filling our souls with the things that give us life.

so, today, if you feel empty somewhere inside, be aware of it. feel the emptiness & hopelessness. and then, seek out something or someone that fills your soul. let it fill you with peace and hope. and then fall madly in love with your life again.

i’m gonna do just that. i’m spending the day with my love & her family. the sun is shining. i’m anticipating much laughter and craziness. and then, tonight, i’m gonna tuck myself into my cozy bed, with my love by my side, and take a deep breath and remind myself…

life is good. i am blessed. and love is the purpose of it all.


And if your strife strikes at your sleep
Remember spring swaps snow for leaves
You’ll be happy and wholesome again
When the city clears and sun ascends

~mumford and sons

hoping that your saturday fills your soul with peace.

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  1. This is so beautiful. I hope that someday everyone can figure this out.

    You are not only a writer, you have the heart of a poet. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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