there’s a new place in town. and it serves good food and good drinks. but, that’s not what makes it special. the things that is different about this place is it’s concept. it’s all about living life. and what they offer at “enjoy” is a cozy, stylish place to meet friends, drink some drinks, munch on some munchies, and just be.

DSC_0052my love & i went to enjoy – bar & mat (mat = swedish for “food”), in the cool area of knäppingsborg,  monday night with a good friend. there were a good amount of people there, but it wasn’t crowded, so we were able to get a table & then enjoy (hehe) each other as we laughed & chatted the night away. i’ve heard that it is quite a different scene on the weekends.packed, full of people, and limited seating. i should check it out then too. oh yeah.


i couldn’t decided what to drink, and i was leaning toward a glass of white wine, when all of the sudden, my love ordered a beer for me. wisby weisse (the “w”‘s pronounced as “v”‘s), to be exact. what i would call a local beer, as it comes from a swedish island a couple of hours from where we live. it arrived. tall, light, and cold. i took my first sip, and i was in love. i mean… really in love. it was so smooth, crisp, and delicious. it reminded me of a beer i had in santa fe, new mexico about 2 summers ago – honey wildflower something. i love  a refreshing beer.


so, we drank & ate, and we were satisfied. we laughed. we talked. we did exactly what we were supposed to do…

we enjoyed.

there’s nothing like finding a new, fun, relaxing, yummy place to go & hang out. if you’re ever in norrköping, sweden, look me up. we’ll grab a beer and enjoy life a little.



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  1. As lovely as you make that beer sound, I’ll swap the beer for the white wine, thanks (maybe a nice Chardonnay?), love the little trays of bit of everything, & pencil me in for a week night- I like being able to actually hear the people I’m sitting with- lol. Honestly- what a cute little spot. Good for you! 🙂

    1. yeah. i am mostly a wine girl. but, my love knew best on this night, and just took charge. 🙂 i will definitely save a date for you!

  2. Are these your pictures? Well done! Perhaps you should offer your services for the food industry, there’s always need for photographers there.
    How great you discovered a new spot. I’m always excited when that happens, too. The food looks lovely. And hey, I had no idea that Swedish islands brewed their own beer. Skol!

  3. they are, indeed, my pictures. thank you! perhaps i should do just that actually. it wouldn’t hurt to contact someone. 🙂 i actually didn’t know about the brewing either.

    1. Liz, you can certainly contact the restaurant and ask them if they want those pictures (make sure you put your name somewhere on them first, so they won’t just swipe them without giving you credit!). If they are interested, you simply remove your name after you handled the details. It’s great for your portfolio, trust me!

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