födelsedagsfika. (birthday fika).

it’s a chilly, gray sunday afternoon. i’m home, under a blanket, and just about to begin cleaning the apartment. my love is at a meeting in stockholm today and i had work at the church this morning (which went well, by the way. yes!). it feels like we’ve been going full speed ahead lately, and i’m looking forward to a cozy night with my little family later on. but, before evening comes, i’ve got to clean and do some swedish homework. but first let me tell you a little about my fantastic saturday. well, my birthday is next saturday, but lina’s working on my birthday, and then sunday we are leaving for a week’s vacation to greece!!! (not a bad birthday weekend coming up, huh?!). so, yesterday (the only free time we had), following swedish tradition, we invited some people over for an afternoon’s fika. lina baked some yummy, yummy muffins. we had cake, cookies, buns, coffee, and the swedish favorite… candy! it was a cozy afternoon/evening, and my love really made it special for me. i am so grateful!

  fun gifts! euros (for my trip to greece next week!), H&M gift card (fantastic!), and my new glasses!!!

a beautiful candle holder! dark green, with trees, and frosted glass. it’s so me! perfect.

my amazing love & me. ♥

have a peaceful sunday.

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  1. Kul att du gillade ljuslyktan. Vad fin den blev med ett tänt ljus i. Tack för allt gott igår!

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