free sessions starting now! //weekend #3 of life coach training

well, you guys, i am now half way through with my training to become a certified life coach. and it blows my mind.

last weekend, as i wrote a little bit about this past monday, i headed out to the swedish countryside to spend two and a half days with some very inspiring people who are becoming very important to me. once again, i had deep conversations filled with revelations, questions, and emotions. in fact, this weekend, i must’ve cried more than i have in a long time. happy tears. tears of feeling overwhelmed with how blessed i am. tears of disbelief that it is possible to live life so aligned as i seem to be living right now.

during this weekend of soul-searching, i relaxed a few things that let me know that i am moving to a deeper, higher, other level in this training process, and in all of life i dare say.

1 // when faced with the questions that are related to how my life looks right now and how i wish that it would look and what i need to do to get there, i realize that i have no complaints. not that i don’t have dreams or that everything is perfect right now, but that i know that i am doing all that i can in the present moment to continue to create the life that i desire, the life that i feel called to. and, that, revelation was a powerful one. one that bids me to embrace and live it up. to simply keep on doing what i am doing. to keep seeking to follow that image of a tree that stands firm and rooted, and yet reaching up to the skies, no matter what comes.

2 // the other thing that i realized was that this shit is getting real. it is now time for me to begin coaching. for me, there is nothing scary about that at all. oh, yes, i am nervous in a healthy, this-is-a-big-deal kind of way. i am humbled. but, i am just itching to get started. to begin to live out what i have been dreaming of for so many years. and, as of last weekend, we have officially been encouraged and challenged and told that we are to begin coaching…. now!

so, this is my official announcement to you:

if you would like to book a {free!} chat and start getting in touch with your soul + setting intentions as we approach a new year, then now is the time!

here’s all of the info you need to book your own (or pass this info on to a friend) {free} session with me:

contact me:

  • email: liz [at] belovelive [dot] com
  • contact page
  • comment below

how we can chat:

  • Skype/FaceTime
  • telephone
  • in person

free session includes: 45 minutes of coaching. it’ll be a conversation and an exploration of…

  • how your life looks right now
  • who you are + what your soul wants (and how to figure that out, if you wish)
  • how to begin to live the life that you desire (set intentions and goals)
  • follow-up sessions are possible if needed/wanted (max 6)

my (in-process) life coach manifesto:

  • i am a spiritual person, and i believe that all people are connected by the same spirit. so, i coach from the foundational belief that connecting with our souls helps us to understand who we are and how we want to live.  i coach from this belief, but it does not mean that i only coach from a spiritual place. it simply means that i deeply believe that each person is worthy, unique, and has much to offer. coaching is simply a way that i believe that can inspire our journey (i have a coach myself).
  • it’s up to you how you want to design our sessions/conversations. we can talk from a religious/spiritual perspective, or not. this is your journey.
  • speaking of journeys, in no way am i the one with the answers. you are the expert of your life. i am simply here to walk beside you, helping you to discover the light, love, and wisdom that you already have within you.
  • on this journey, we are in control of our own lives, learning to live in the present moment, choosing daily to follow our bliss..

those are the basics. if you are searching for deeper meaning, an authentic life, a way to get to now yourself, or a way to slow down, or simply feel drawn to what i have written here, then please contact me. and if you have any questions or are wondering anything, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

you know, yesterday i had the pure joy of chatting with an incredibly strong, determined, and inspiring woman. before ringing her on the phone, i gathered my notebook, lit a candle, did a 2 minute meditation, and realized that this was the beginning of my journey. this was me becoming a life coach.

what a humbling, amazing thing to get to be. to get to do. sharing conversations about life with you. how blessed i am.

xoxo // liz

** a little disclaimer here: i will be holding free coaching sessions for a limited time, since i am still in the middle of my training. just a heads up, that i will begin charging in a few months. 

16 thoughts on “free sessions starting now! //weekend #3 of life coach training

  1. Kathleen here. I don’t know why I’m rarely getting notifications from your blog posts lately. I’ll just have to make a note to check it daily. I’m forgetful unless I have a reminder. 🙂

    Yes, I would love a coaching session. I’m interested in both, the process and your insight. I suppose Skype would be best for us, with us being in different countries. Now, I need to go see what all you’ve been up to since I’ve probably missed several blog posts.

    1. Fantastic, we will set up a time! How about the end of next week. Maybe Thursday or Friday? I can do it in the afternoon, which would be morning for you. I’m six hours ahead. 🙂

      1. Liz, I am so sorry for the delay! Actually, I have appointments in the mornings for the rest of the week. I’m not sure what time in the morning that you meant for me? I have been so scatterbrained all week because I rarely have so much to do. Feel free to message me on FB with more times. I look forward to hearing from you!

        1. Hey! I am superdy-duper busy this week, and haven’t even been home much. But I will message you on FB on Friday and see if we can figure out a time!

  2. that’s such a generous offer and it sounds like you’re on the beginning of a fantastic journey in coaching. from what i’ve read here, i know you’ll be great at it

  3. Yes please. I think I could use some cheerleading on my path right now. I could set up a Skype account and will let you know by email.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


    1. Ok! Great! Let me know when you get your Skype set up and we will book a time. 🙂 Love and light to yous. xoxo

      1. Hi Liz

        I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I have had a sinus infection bad. My Skype name is kate_is_rising. I haven’t done skype in a long time and started this new account. I am hoping to be feeling better in a few days. Can we wait and see for a few days how it is going before setting up a time and date? I went to clinic but they refused to give me antibiotics, so it is slow going. I didn’t get all my gifts made and sorry to say that included your collage, but I have all my materials sitting here waiting for the day soon that i am not nauseous and dizzy with vertigo.

        Good and healing thoughts to yous.


        1. Hello, Kate. It is no problem at all! No worries! I will look you up on Skype. My name is Elizabeth McGuire, I think. 😉 I sure do hope that you are feeling better soon. And we can definitely wait. I am not scheduling any coaching sessions this week anyway! And, please don’t you worry at all about the collage. You do what yous want, when yous want and feel like it. Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. xoxo

  4. Liz, I would love to do this with you! I have so much change going on in my life right now, it really would help me to have a neutral outsider share some insight. Please include me!

  5. This is so wonderful. Congratulations on accomplishing so much on your own path and beginning so passionately in what your soul has called you to do. xoxo

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