guest blog post: so touched & thankful.



It’s Lina, Liz’s wife. The other day, Liz wrote a blog post titled “her words.”, where she wrote some about me, but also copied the text I wrote on my blog. It was really tough for me to write it all down, to see it in black and white, typed… and I was the one to type it. But, I did it, posted it, and had no idea how you readers would react or even if you would react or care. I know people close to me care, but I can never know if anyone will actually leave a comment and really show you care.

I’m blown away and deeply thankful for all the comments I have received, both here, but also on my blog (from you, belovelive-readers). I just want to thank you all for showing that you care. It means so much to me in my process of getting better so that one day I will be able to feel the freedom I’m longing for.

Thank you so much!!!

Lina (

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  1. We are all rooting for you and praying for your strength.

    I have found my blog to be a place where I can open up about my own pain and frustrations without the pressure I’d have doing it in person. The support you get from your blogging community creates a sort of refuge… You can’t do this on your own so good for you for reaching out. It speaks volumes about who you are for having the courage to face your demons head on.

  2. and another nice thing about opening up on here is you get multiple perspectives from your readers.. you take a little bit of wisdom from this person and that person’s experience.

  3. Dearest Lina,

    Sometimes, just having that beautiful soul who believes in you wholeheartedly can lift you up and over life’s hurdles — no matter how tall they seem to tower! So happy you have each other. I wish you continued strength and love in your journey. Envision the future: You WILL be free one day…and who knows? Perhaps you will be in a position to help others facing similar battles! xoxo

  4. Hi Lina,

    You matter. You are a wonderful person, and you would have to be, the way that Liz sees you. I wish you only the best in the world, and you are well on your healing path. Yes, you will be able to taste freedom.

    Good and healing thoughts to you both.

    And love,


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