hanging out together

how has a week passed already?! i promise that it is not my intention to post only once a week. i mean, in all reality, you may not care. you may even like it better. but, i don’t. i really, really loved when i posted practically every day. it was not only a way that i stayed connected to myself and all of my thoughts, but i have always literally pictured you, my readers, as i write. i feel as if i am writing little letters to you all when i post more frequently, and though there are many of you that i have never met, i feel like this is where we come to “meet” each other. so, ultimately, i miss hanging out with you all.

speaking of hanging out, i don’t feel like i’ve done so much of it lately. i feel super busy with all of that regular life stuff that i’ve been craving so much. now, let me make this clear, in no way am i complaining about having my regular life back. i’m just saying, it’s been busy. more busy than i feel it’s been since we moved back to asheville, i believe. but, it’s mostly all good. so, what have i been doing?

ushering in autumn with pumpkin spice lattes and candles


sneaking in a few rides + walks through the woods and up on the mountainsIMG_7056 IMG_7061 IMG_7073

meditating like a champ – and loving every single morning of itIMG_7093

just being aware of the funkiness + quirkiness that is ashevilleIMG_7102

having fika with new + old friendsIMG_7113

getting my hair cut – in preparation for my 40th birthday in a week!IMG_7195

making three dollar champagne night a tradition. boo-ya.IMG_7224

loving the quiet, still, dark mornings at home


connecting with more coffee professionals in the area – touring roasteries + getting free coffee beans. i love my work perks


dog sitting brady while paige (for the love of wanderlust) is off wandering + hiking in peru. me? jealous? you know it!IMG_7258

going nuts getting my brother’s cute bungalow apartment ready to receive its first Airbnb guests!
IMG_7275 IMG_7280 IMG_7288 IMG_7291

drinking mimosas because those first airbnb guests cancelled TWO HOURS before their check-in!!! grrrr!IMG_7309

preparing to photograph a wedding on saturday!!! i’m a photographer! (visited the venue with the bride-to-be… it’s a camp out in the woods + it is amazing!)

IMG_7325 IMG_7333

what’s happening in your life? how has it been for you this past week? talk to me, friend. i’m listening. and, i promise to not be so silent here as much as i have been. it’s felt good to catch up a bit. (wouldn’t it be amazing if we could meet for coffee or wine one day soon?!).

love + peace.

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  1. Hi there dearest Liz! Lovely update part, lovely pics and nice to see you keeping busy! Great work perks, and I’m so proud of you being about to photograph another wedding!!! Can totally feel your anger and frustration for your bros airbnb, total shit etiquette!
    My week is good, very busy with preppung to be away from the cafe for a week as we go on holiday on Thursday morning! (about bloody time, we are desperate for a week off and a change of scene!!)
    What date is your actual birthday? My Gemmas is the 22nd and we will be away!
    Ps. I love your regular updates, you know it!

    1. I just love this comment to pieces, Holly! It was like receiving a pen pal letter from my favorite pen pal! Isn’t it fun to keep in touch and up-to-date?!

      Oh, i”m so glad that you and your girl are having a holiday for a week! Where are you off to? I know that you two will enjoy every single minute together – and you both deserve it!

      My birthday is the 24th, so Gemma’s is just before mine. 🙂 Give her birthday wishes from me and my love! xoxo

  2. Maybe I have suggested it before, but you should be on the visitors bureau payroll for making Ashville look so appealing!

  3. My wife has been a little jealous this week, she says I have been spending to much time with my new girlfriend. I spent a little extra money to get her (my girlfriend) a makeover and she looks amazing. Please keep in mind though that my new girlfriend is a stand-up bass I recently bought. I named her Dolly. Wish I could show the before and after pics. Anyway, have a good day…..Joey

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