happening now.

monday morning

snowstorm + coffee +christmas music + reading + writing +candles

sending out a cozy, wintry, monday morning greeting from snowy sweden to all of you, all over the world.


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  1. Happening now: Our Xmas-season, here in WA, Australia? We went to the beach yesterday & my daughter dug herself a hole, just up from the tide…As the tide came in, bits of water intruded, and she frantically dug & replaced the sand that succumbed to the erosion- lol.

    Prior to that, both kids (I say, “kids”, as my 18 yr. old son is sometimes more immature than his 13 yr. old sis) took to their boards and road in the waves! It was an awesomely warm & gorgeous, nearly summer, day at the beach.

    I know it’s hard for the “north of the equator folk” to think of, but Xmas = summer here.

    Xmas = BBQ’s for get-togethers vs. snow & fire. We head to the local park (all of which have standard gas-fired BBQ’s in place), most are at water’s edge (lake or river or estuary) for swimming. I love it!

    But Liz? I do remember winter, snow, & the “hankering down”.

    Happy for your snuggle-ni-ness.


  2. I think it would be fabulous to experience a “Down Under Christmas”! It sounds so wonderful. The water, the sun, the sand, the BBQs. So. Much. Fun. I’m all for trying new things!

    Yes, I love the snow & the winter & the coziness here, but coziness can be found in so many different places. 🙂

    Wishing you and your kids super waves, bright sunshine, & cozy bonfires. xo

  3. Your notation of ‘snowstorm and coffee’ reminds me of the Prince song ‘Starfish and Coffee’ – which is more like the Oz Christmas here! Full of wonder… 🙂

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