just for you, mom & dad.

my parents(especially my dad) are weather junkies. they are addicted to watching the weather on the 24 hour weather channel, checking updates, and keeping up with severe threats. when it’s summer time, the focus is on tornadoes & hurricanes in the southern us. when it’s winter, it’s snowstorms. even though it’s the south, my parents live in the mountains of north carolina, so snowstorms happen.

of course, during the winter, my parents (again, especially my dad) cross their fingers for snow as much as i do. we love a good snowstorm. i am certain that my weather obsession is something that is inherited. some genetic thing. i know that it extends to my uncles, aunts, & cousins as well. luckily, i married in to a weather junkie family too. my love’s dad is quite the weather freak too. so, weather forecasts & weather chit chat are part of my everyday life.

my mom asked me yesterday if i had posted any pictures of all of the snow we have here in sweden. i am sure i have posted some, but i guess they have been a little here & there. there is some unbelievably crazy warm weather at my parents’ place so far this december and my mom says that she is loving it. i think that my dad is missing some snow action, though. i’m sure he’s secretly wishing for a snowstorm to make it’s way toward them. it’ll be so crazy to be there next week & leave this beautiful winter wonderland behind. however, some warmer temperatures might be just perfect as well.

anyway, here comes a little winter scene photo dump for you, mom & dad.

snow7 candles sunshineandsnow snow6 snow2 snow1 snow4 snow8 snow5 christmas tree

wishing you a beautiful weather forecast, wherever you are.


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  1. We had our first cold and crisp, sunny day yesterday after our first snowfall of the season. You are ahead of us depth-wise. I noticed that many of your photos are dark, then I remembered the short time of daylight each day and the intense angle of daylight so that it rarely reaches over the buildings of the city enough to shine on the ground….

    I’m glad you will get to enjoy the best of both country’s holiday traditions this Christmas season! Enjoy!

    1. thanks, barb! we are so excited about experiencing all the traditions! hope y’all get a littl bit more of the white stuff. 🙂

    1. ugh. it’s so frustrating when you want it to snow and it doesn’t. believe it or not, there was no snow here last year. well, none to count as snow. i hope y’all get some before the season is over! i remember driving through vermont last winter & being so surprised that there was not really any snow. 🙁

      my fingers are crossed for you!

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