happy mother’s day (usa).

it’s been almost a year since i’ve been in the same room as my mom, and i miss her so much. we’ve always been close, i think and we still talk almost every day – even if we live in different countries. i hope that she knows how much that means to me. my mom’s a great person to talk to and i always want to share as much of my life with her as i can, and hear about hers. we have so much fun when it comes to talking: political, religious, social, economical, gossip, etc. i always call her to read something i’ve read, or read something i have written, or complain about something, or share something exciting, or just to check in on the weather. no matter what, through all these years, ¬†she’s always there to listen. and she’s taught me how to live life to the fullest – to embrace spontaneity, to cherish family, and to think of others.

i wish i could take her out to eat today to celebrate her today, a tradition that we usually have every mother’s day… but, soon! we’ll be enjoying many meals together in about 1.5 months!!! and i can’t wait!!

thank you for being you, mom. i’m so thankful that you are my mother and my friend. i love you! happy mother’s day!!!

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  1. Very moving words. Today is mothers day in Switzerland as well. One tradition we share.

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