from winter to cinco de mayo.

fact: it snows in may in sweden. yes. you see it. it’s true. it has snowed 2 mornings this week so far. and it’s been cold. and windy. and… well, it’s amazing what the weather will do to your attitude. i must admit that this week, when i’ve woken up, i have not really wanted to get out of bed. i’ve had no motivation. and i’ve been dreading the activities of the days and the weather. where’s the sunshine? where’s the warmth? where’s that feeling that everything’s full of color and life? not with me so far this week.

and then, on top of that, there’s the news coming from the states that so many are celebrating over the death of another. i’m talking osama bin ladin here. ugh. i know that writing helps me process this, but i have so many thoughts and feelings that it’s just too much to try to put into words. maybe it’s just not time yet. i’m not forcing it. it will come, when and if, it will come. but, let me just say that i feel a profound sense of darkness (and not joy) about this whole situation.

but, wait….

it’s not all gloomy in my life this week. i have officially gotten an internship where lina’s working!!! and i start on monday! it will be so so so great to work with young people and learn more swedish at the same time. this is actually a place that fits my education and work experiences as well! WOO HOO! hopefully this will lead to a job eventually…. and, i have been told that i am going to take the test for the last level of my swedish class in 3 weeks! if i pass, then i will be done with swedish for immigrants – which in no way means that i am fluent, but that i have a foundational knowledge of swedish. but, we’ll see what happens, i’ve only been in this class since the end of march. so, i’m a little nervous. still, i’m flattered and excited!

and, today, the sun is shining! it’s still a bit chilly, but not cold. the birds are singing and it sounds like spring again outside my open window. things feel brighter. spring is coming back. warm weather is returning just in time for the weekend. yessss. so, this morning, i’ve had my coffee (well, it’s time for a second cup) and i’ve checked on the news while my cutie cat has been curled up under the covers beside me. now i’m ready to face this day with all it’s business and things to do!

but, the bottom line is: i have spring fever which is turning into summer fever. no matter what i’m doing these days, all i’m thinking about is going to the beach & the mountains in NC in SEVEN WEEKS!!!!

happy cinco de mayo, mis amigos!!! peace.

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  1. Hello my dear

    Gosh I haven’t read your blog in ages… I guess on one hand it’s a good sign as I was really busy but then I missed your stories. So I’m back 🙂 Congratulations on you intern. Two other little things that might lighten your day up. In Ireland samesex couples can now get officially and legally registrated. In a country that is 95% catholic and abortion is still illegal I think that is a very big step! Then in the newspaper there was a little article that all the schools got a packet for prevention of homophobic bullying and that they’re asked to talk about this in school. So whoop whoop. The world is slowly getting somewhere.

    Enjoy the rest of your week
    much love Nicole

    1. nicole: hello to you too!! glad you’re back! but, it is good that you have been busy… with nursing stuff, i hope. 🙂 thanks for the info on the same-sex situation in ireland. you know i love to hear it! it is a big step. i had heard about the homophobic bullying campaign going on in ireland somewhere. i actually saw a video that had been produced in ireland, and i was really touched by it. hope you have had a great weekend and a great up-coming week! so good to hear from you. 😉 love.

  2. I heard a weather report that whereas we usually have 58% of potential sun in MN in April, this year we had only 28%, so you can imagine that many of us have been feeling that same unmotivated feeling that you described that comes with cold and cloudy days! We have had recent snowflakes, too, but nothing that “stuck” like in your photos.

    Since it has been so cold and cloudy it is incredible to think that it is only just over a month till the summer solstice aka midsommar in Sweden! It’s been hard to enjoy the expanding daylight in the cloudiness.

    We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day today, and I heard a symphony or cacophony of birdsong on my morning walk, which brightened my spirit immensely! Trees are starting to have a green tinge, and farmers are starting to get out into their fields–a full month later than last year (which was exceptionally early).

    Best of luck on your upcoming Swedish test! Is that Svenska A or Svenska B?


  3. PS. That is awesome news about your internship! I hope it turns into a job, but even if it doesn’t it is a step in the right direction! Not having an opportunity to use your education and skills is definitely a tough aspect of being an immigrant.


    1. Barb: As I am finding out, there are many different aspects of being an immigrant that are hard. it seems like it could take forever to be qualified for something in sweden that i already have the qualifications and education for. but, as you said, hopefully my internship will give me a foot in the door! hope that spring is coming along for you in the cold upper mid-west! the sun has shown here for 2 days now… yay!

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