i’ll pencil you in.

one down and two to go.

days of work, that is. tonight i met with the youth. it went well, though many of them were out of town/busy. still the ones that were there did a great job. we had some really good discussions, and i gave then a chance to teach me some. that actually worked out really well. and, to close, we talked about malala, the girl from pakistan. i really enjoyed having a smaller group tonight, actually. it’ so much easier to give personal attention, and really get into things with them when there are just a few.

the pie i baked tonight for tomorrow’s cafe.

tomorrow morning (more bright & early than i would like) i meet with the youth again. we are gonna work with some of the older adults in our cafe. so, it’ll be pretty intense. preparing desserts, sandwiches, being really social. but, it’s cozy. people from off the street, elderly people who don’t really have much to do, and whoever walks by & feels like a warm cup of coffee will come in and sit around the candlelit tables. tomorrow, we are there to serve. and i’m sure that i’ll have stories to tell.

and then, sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening, i will finish my sermon. yes, on sunday, i am going to preach again. yep. that’s the third time in less than 3 months. crazy. it’s such a long process to write a message of hope – and even longer to write it in swedish. but, it is always a great process for me, and it involves one of my favorite things… writing. so, of course, it’s right up my alley. and having a chance to deliver it, in person… to see the public, watch their reactions, feel their energy as i speak. it’s overwhelmingly moving. geez. i never thought i’d say something like that, never thought i’d love standing in public, speaking to a crowd of people. but, speaking about love, hope, & peace… wow. what an honor. so. much. fun.

so, i’m booked this weekend. work. work. and more work. and while i’m so looking forward to crashing on sunday afternoon, with nothing else to do & no more responsibilities for a day or 2, i know that the experiences of the weekend will give me so much.

it’s all about living in the moment. but i’ll be sure to pencil you in, if for even just a few minutes.

goodnight, my friends. peace.

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  1. Cool. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I would echo your thoughts about sharing publically!

  2. “…speaking about love, hope, & peace…” – that is cool. As long as you enjoy and bring smiles to people’s faces, it is all good. Sunday or Monday this speech will leave undeniable footprints in somebody’s heart.

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