in case you don’t think it’s real.

sometimes it’s hard to realize that all the suffering that goes on in the world is real. most of us are so removed from it. desensitized from it. we hear about it. think about it. feel bad about it. but it just doesn’t sink deep down inside of us. we do not cry along with those who suffer most of the time. because most of the time, those who suffer are people we do not know. only when one who is close to us suffers do we feel the pain. and that is human. i admit that it is hard to relate to pain & suffering unless we have experienced it ourselves. that is why i encourage us all to step out of our comfort zones, to not keep people who are different from us at arm’s length, to break down barriers & walls between us, to travel widely, to have an open mind, to read, to look people in the eyes, to meet new people – where they are – as they are, & to suck as much out of life as we can.

so, here. watch this. feel this young teenager’s pain. cry with him. and realize that this is real. his pain is real. and he is not the only one.

we have so much that we can do to help him & others (because there are millions of others, right around the corner from us, in our every day lives) feel that it does get better. we can help them understand that they are worthy and lovable just as they are. together we can stop this madness of hate, and instead spread a message of love, hope, & equality.

it is real. and the pain can be stopped.

and then, less than a day after young jonah posted his video, came this one as a response. (actually there are tons of responses out there… amazing.)

speak out. stand up. believe in yourself. and bring others along with you. for, you are an inspiration & have to much to give… just as you are!

spread peace, my friends.

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