instagram love.

just a few photos from my week captured on my phone…

i’ve been feeling the love.

coffee love.


autumn love43dc07be2ad811e3af7e22000a1f8ae5_8

companion love.9b9f2ea42aec11e381cb22000a1f9a0a_8

nature love.8887d6862baf11e3bc3b22000ae80efa_8

snail mail love70743b9e2b7211e39f3d22000aaa21f1_8

photography love27b38c882b9111e3939222000a9f1385_8

urban lovef9d54b7a2b9111e38f6e22000a9e07ed_8

cider love

road trip love


today my love & i are headed down to the beach for a long weekend. yippee! so, catch ya on the flip side.

time to feed my wanderlust soul a little bit.

love and peace.

0 thoughts on “instagram love.

    1. Done!! 🙂 Hope you had a good one too – even if the gov’t is keeping you from doing exactly what you want. Boooo!

    1. Thank you for thinking of me, Paige! That sounds awesome! I’ll get right on it when I get home tomorrow! xoxo

      1. You’d better! It has crazy awesome prizes like a 3,000£ prize for traveling, an iPad, a camera and more! Fingers crossed for the both of us!!!

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