a balancing act in two parts.


I call them photo journeys for a reason. It’s more than just taking a photo of a random word for a random day. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that here is always a theme for each month – something to help guide me… us. In addition, I try to let that theme build upon itself, culminating with a feeling of accomplishment, understanding, or enlightenment (or whatever you want to call it) at the end of the journey.

When I began planning October’s photo journey, I had no specific ideas. So, I just looked through my photos. Two stuck out to me, but I couldn’t decide which one I like better. So, I did what any social media addict would do… I turned to Instagram.

Since I had two photos and no way of deciding which one to use,  I challenged my Instagram to help me out by voting and suggesting words. And they did! However, in the end, there was still a problem: One of the photos had more “likes” and the other one had more word suggestions. What to do now?!

As I made a list of the words under their respective photos, it became clear to me that a theme had emerged, using both of the pictures: harmony and balance. The sky photo inspired words of otherness, out there, space, and mystery. The rock and feet photo inspired words of connectedness, humanity, earth, ground, and a path. When I saw this, I knew right away that these two photos were total contrasts, and yet, somehow linked to each other as well. Something I had no idea about when I simply randomly chose them. But it all made sense, looking at the suggestions and preferences.

In life, we need both. We need the mystery, the awe, the space, and the moments of negativity and dreams. We need to soak up the dreamy-ness of an evening sunset.

We also need to feel grounded and connected. We need to be present right here, right now. We need to be real, concrete, and daring. We need pure, human experience.

I have always believed from deep within my soul, that we need both. So, that’s what we’re gonna have this month. Both photos. Both feelings. Both parts of the journey of life. The spiritual, mystical, other-worldly moments and the spiritual, connected, practical, earthy moments. Because, to me, both are spiritual experiences. Spirit moves outside of us… in some other worldly, indescribable way. However, it is also very real and present in our everyday moments. For, when we turn inward or look upward, we realize that every single moment of very day life is infused with the sacred – if it wasn’t what would be the point? Wouldn’t life then be meaningless? But, each breath, each rock, each sunset holds the mystery of life.

So, for October, we are going to balance ourselves. We are going to experience the amazingness of the heavens and the sky and our dreams. And we are going to focus on the beauty of the present moment right where we are and slow down just enough to see that ordinary life is amazing too. I used both of the photos and split the month in half, so it’s kind of like two challenges in one journey. There is still one theme, but with two different mini-journeys. Hope you like it!



The ways to participate are the same as always. But, if you’ve forgotten or if this is your first time participating, here are a few tips:

save the photo journey list(s) to your desktop or on your smartphone, so you know what the word is for each and every day. each of the word gives you something to focus on for those days. remember that it’s all about how you interpret the word. be creative and express yourself however you want!

here’s a link to instagram so you can sign up & get started! click here to join in.

and if you want to become part of the bllphotoaday community, just follow me at @lizslens on instagram. and use the hashtag #bllphotoaday when you post your IG photo. then, you’ll see everyone else’s photos too. and there are some amazing people taking part from all over the world. check ’em out!

if you don’t have or don’t want instagram (which is totally fine!), then simply post your pics on facebook or on your blog. but, let me know, so i can follow along. i’ll do my best to spread the word that you are participating. however, the best way to create a photo journey community is actually on instagram. buuuuut, there is one more option… you can post your photos every day to belovelive’s facebook page! perhaps we can get that community growing as well! invite your FB friends to “like” belovelive’s page and then our community will spread even further & wider! think of all the inspiration! click here to go to belovelive’s page.

before i close i’d love to share my little september video with you all. it was a wild and glorious month! one of the best yet. there are no words really for how touching and fun and  amazing it was, so take a peek (click on the photo below to see the video):


now, let’s get on with october! yay! hope you’ll be joining in!

camera’s ready? peace!

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  1. I first got online in 1977. It was all scientists and computer nerds back then. Next, I was online in the mid-80s. I was part of an underground on a mainstream site. I could do crazy things with dos. in the 90s, I was an assistant systems operator, helping people on the wild, wild, web.

    And so forth and so on

    So why can’t I figure out Instagram and how to get my iTouch to do it??? Why? ::sob::

    Maybe by November.

  2. (I actually think it may be because an iTouch is not always connected and therefore I can’t do this as I don’t have smartphone.)

    1. I just looked it up… I saw that it is possible to have instagram on a iPod touch. You just need a connection to wireless internet. Then you can download the app in the iTunes Store. And. Post photos once you create an account. It should work… Maybe. Hopefully.

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