it’s all so surreal.

my view while i was laying down in the lake house in the mountains (north carolina).
my view while i was laying down in bed in the lake house in the mountains (north carolina) in the morning (24 hours ago).
flying into nyc for short a layover.
flying into nyc for short a layover.
good morning! we've landed on the snowy, swedish ground.
good morning! we’ve landed on the snowy, swedish ground.
waiting for our luggage... which never came.
waiting for our luggage… which never came.
winter again.
winter again.
riding a train. love it so much.
riding a train. love it so much.
we made it! home again filled with warm memories of the states & ready for an exciting spring all around the world.
we made it! home again filled with warm memories of the states & ready for an exciting spring all around the world.
i love my home. ending the day with candles,y my love, & zola. perfect.
24 hours later: i love my home. ending the day with candles, my love, & zola. perfect.

wake up in one bed, in one country. go to bed in another.

it all happens so ย fast, and yet it also seems to take forever. it’s so crazy to think about being on the other side of the world, surrounded by all different kinds of people & ways of living, in just 24 hours. but, in the blink of an eye = one 3 hour car ride, 2 plane rides, one hour & a half train ride, and quite a few hours of waiting in between, i have made my way from the cozy cabin bed in the mountains to stretching out on my big, soft bed in my little downtown apartment in sweden.

i can’t believe i am here. did i really leave? of course i know i made that journey home because i have some wonderful memories from the past 3.5 weeks. ohhh.. it was so amazing in the states with my family!

the trip back home to sweden (yes. home. two places.)was pretty non-eventful… until the end. after we landed, we found out that our bags were stuck inside the plane & they couldn’t get them out. why? because the compartment hatch was frozen shut. welcome back to cold, snowy sweden. hehe. i didn’t even know that was possible! but, i can prove it is, because, as i lay my head down tonight, all my luggage is still somewhere else. stockholm’s airport, i guess. thankfully, i am home, so i have everything i really need. and i believe someone will deliver our bags to us tomorrow. so it’ll all work out. but, man, how weird.

speaking of tomorrow, it’s right back to work for me in the morning. jet lag & all. but, i’m gonna push right on through. i’m guessing that tomorrow will be only the beginning of a very hectic schedule. this winter & spring is gonna be crazy, i think. i have been hired to work more than i have in the past (yay!), and come to find out, i may even be working more than i thought. wow! so, tomorrow, bright & early, i’m gonna get up and just pretend that my body doesn’t think that it’s the middle of the night. i’m sure my swedish will be outstanding… not. hehe.

in order to successfully fake my way through being awake & alert tomorrow, though, i must crawl under the covers now. so, my friends, goodnight!

peace to you wherever you are.

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  1. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I can imagine lost luggage — but frozen baggage hold doors? wow. weird.

    Good luck tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be great.

    1. thank you, louise! i appreciate the vote of confidence! ๐Ÿ™‚ hope your sunday is lovely.

  2. yay! it’s great to know that you have a blog. i have already been stalking you a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ can’t wait to keep in touch here & on IG. thanks for commenting!!

  3. Lost luggage isn’t fun- but it’s pretty good that they deliver it anyhow. The door frozen- yeah- have had to wait before while they de-iced the compartment one time for us in NY. This was after another flight where we sat too long on the runway in Montreal & they had to send out the truck to de-ice our wings so we could take off!! Yikes…that was a nervous flight, I can tell you.

    I’ll bet your sweet, little Zola was walking around & around your legs & soooo happy to snuggle up with her moms again.

    Welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks, tracy!!! it was a crazy experience. i’ve also had the de-icing the wings before, but this frozen door thing was a first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I remember New York being gray on that particular day…
    that’s a true bummer with your bags. I usually have all my cosmetic stuff in the luggage so I don’t think I could shake it off as easily as you do. Did they finally deliver them back to you?

    1. oh yeah. all my cosmetic stuff was with me, so i was able to look presentable at work on sunday morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰ and yes, we got them back… sunday night at 10pm!

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