How can I create my own new beginning?

Is it just me, or does today feel like this week has lasted foreeeeever? I’ve been a day ahead every day. It’s been a week that has been tons of fun, lots of work, and seems to never end. But, today is Friday! I actually did make it to the weekend. If you haven’t seen my updates on Instagram, then you may not know that it’s the first week of school for my students, so that’s why it’s been extra crazy. And I’ve been wiped out every night. But, it’s been oh so good – and the energy of new beginnings has got me wanting to get a bit creative.

Speaking of Instagram + new beginnings, I shared a little post the other day asking for a bit of feedback from you. It’s about the blog, or really, it’s about belovelive. And, it’s my reason for this post today.

Lina + I did a little rearranging at home last weekend, I started planning some blog posts for the upcoming week, I thought a lot about the things that I love sharing most on Instagram + my blog, I was inspired my the new start of the school year at work, and, because of all of that, I started wondering if now was time to let my whole belovelive “brand” evolve naturally into something new. It’s been something that’s been brewing inside of me for a while, actually.

belovelive is my brand I suppose you could say.  It started as the name of my blog (and it still is, as you know), but morphed into my handle and into a way of life over the past 7 years.

To me, it’s about spirit, soul, nature, travel, home, slow photography. Living with magic + meaning. Living slowly + intentionally. Living with the seasons. Tapping into my own power + creating my life, claiming who I am + who I want to be. All so I can hopefully make a tiny difference in the world.

Deep in my soul, I know that it’s now time for me to turn my blog outward. That is, to begin to teach + share. To step into the expertise that I have + the wisdom that I have to offer. (Whew. That’s hard to say out loud: But, we’ve gotta get better at claiming our own wisdom + power, right sistahs + bros?!)

Of course, I have my own thoughts + ideas that I’ve been assembling secretly in a journal all year long, but now I want to hear from YOU.

How + what exactly should I share = what do you want to hear/read/feel/learn? How can I help you grow or inspire you – and in what areas?

So, for you have have followed me for a while, or for you who have just found me… what do you think? How would you define belovelive (Not the words, but the feelings + the message)?

I’d really love to hear your feedback.  I am certain that I am going to be shifting how I organize the blog/website, but exactly how I am not sure yet.  So, if you have any thoughts, words of wisdom, insights, I’d love to hear them! Feel free to share your thoughts + ideas below!

If you have a bit more time + are interested, I’d love for you to hang our here for a little while, see how it feels to you, get your own picture, take notes, come up with your own thoughts about the belovelive lifestyle. That would be GOLD to me.

And, I just have to say a great big thank you for being present. Here, on the blog, on Instagram, or wherever you + I connect. Thank you for being there, for listening to my thoughts + ramblings + experiences as I move through my own journey. And, as always, if there is anything I can do to support you back, please just let me know.


Wild love to you, brave soul. xoxo. liz.




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