just another 24 hours.

hey! i feel like i’ve been all over the place during the past 24-48 hours. i worked at the church with the youth, cleaned the apartment, was part of an historic meeting where 2 church congregations became one, watched some of my favorite tv, worked again, had some kind of crappy stomach thing, worked at the youth organization (internship), ate a traditional swedish pastry, walked in the snow, slept some (not enough), and sat on my computer. i feel as if i have bounced from one thing to the next. as i said… all over the place.

i’m looking at a day “off” (= work at home & do laundry) tomorrow, so i can stay in my pj’s as long as i want. well, until my love & i go to the movies – right, lina? it’s not so much to do a big valentine’s day celebration, but because we really wanna see the movie (the iron lady) and this is the first & only chance we have for a while. anyway, the point is… tomorrow i hope to get my head on straight & slow down for a few hours.

in the meantime, here are a few pics…

just before bedtime… yes. we check all of our social media stuff before going to sleep. crappy obsession.

watched some episodes of “new girl”… our new fav.

a picture of the historic meeting at the church. in this moment, the baptist & methodist congregations became one. it was amazing. made me think that THIS is what the church is supposed to be about… people coming together, to meet in their similarities, to welcome all people (of all kinds), and to focus on how to live together, instead of the differences that separate us. plus, these 2 congregations hired me – a woman married to a woman to be their youth/children’s minister. so, when one whole denomination (the global united methodist church) will turn me away based on who i love & not consider my education & experience, these 2 churches, which are now 1, hired me last september… based on my education & experiences, not on who i love. they hired me because, in this church, which is a conglomeration of the best parts of both denominations, all people are welcome. no matter what they look like, no matter what their opinions are, no matter who they love, where they are from, how much money they have, etc. this church focuses on love. this church is growing because it is merging two traditions (eventually three) together, thus becoming what i believe that the church should be: a place that is open for all people, in all places, at all times, with all opinions. there is so much more that unites us, rather than divides us. and i am proud to say that i work in a church that puts the love of all people first.

happy little ole me. cozy in my boots & sweater after walking in the snow.

monday morning at work. i was so exhausted this morning, so i drank coffee for hours. but it was a very productive day, thanks to the caffeine overdose.

went by the neighborhood bakery.

bought some semlor. pastry heaven. and an indulgence between epiphany & lent in sweden. the last day to eat them is fat tuesday, mardi gras. i’ll explain later, in a few weeks. hehe.

had a cozy, yummy fika at home with my love. candles, semlor, coffee. delish!

i’m taking part in a photo challenge on instagram (an awesome smart phone app). today’s challenge was “blue”. so, here are my turquoise blue kitchen curtains.

i heart them.

after i got back from work at the church tonight, i joined my love on our sofa & we put our faces into our computers. she was busy being creative… designing & stuff. i was all over the place. but, this is lina’s new blog design. go on over & check it out. i think it’s cool. i think she’s cool. and freaking beautiful.

ok, i’m off to bed soon. and then, tomorrow, i’m gonna write a crapload of swedish. i have 3 articles to write for the church’s newsletter that comes out 4 times a year. i am honored to have been asked to write the front page article, the pastor’s article. i’m feeling good about it, but not exactly sure what i’m gonna say yet. and i’ve gotta do it all in swedish. super hard. nevertheless, really good practice & a fun (?) challenge. plus, after such a long time away, and unsure that i’d ever be “allowed” back in a church, i get to be a minister again, use my education, feed my passion, and share love through writing. and that, my friends, feels humbling & amazing.

perhaps i’ll also squeeze in the obligatory valentine’s day post at some point tomorrow. or not. we’ll see.

i hope you all out there are doing well, my friends. i can feel some anxiety, pain, & winter depression/blahs… just bad energy, low energy, coming from all around; and i hope that whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, if you are feeling low & just not yourself, you find a tiny bit of peace, some positive energy, & feel a little bit of love. maybe right now we all need a little lovin’. maybe we can try to spread some of that love to each other or to any person we may meet… tomorrow is v. day, ya know. a perfect excuse to focus on loving others.

goodnight, dear readers. peace.

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  1. Hmm I saw that film last week and I would be very interested to hear another’s opinon. My uncle was a cabinet minister under her and I actually met her about 10 years ago..I will reveal whether that was a good thing at a later point!

    All the best to you and your love.

    The Dippylomat and Lady Dippylomat.

    1. Hello dear sir (and madam)!

      I will most definitely let you know what I think of the film, and I anxiously await your revelation on meeting the Iron Lady. We’re going not so much for anything except that we adore Meryl Streep. Unfortunately, I am not so up to date on the historical facts/biography of the lady. I do know that there has been controversial buzz surrounding Meryl Streep’s performance & the movie’s representation of how Madame Thatcher really was, or wasn’t (both good & bad). In any case, I’m curious!

      The best to you & yours as well.

  2. What a great testimony to the best of what the church can be. I’m so glad the merger has gone through and that it’s been so good so far! I just got home from a prep meeting about General Conference, and I can only hope (and pray) that we as the UMC can display some of that same unity and love when we meet together in a couple months!!

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