a little attitude ain’t bad.

it’s “no alarm thursday” and you know what that means? it means that when this post posts itself to my blog in the morning (since i’m writing it wednesday night), i will still be cuddly & snuggly under my covers, completely in the middle of some deep sleep. it also means that i’m gonna have a little attitude when i finally do wake up…

i kinda feel like shaking my head, snapping my fingers (3 snaps in a z-form. does anyone remember that?), smacking’ my lips & suckin’ my teeth. mmm hmmm… i can sleep as long as i want. boo-yeow. in your face, alarm clock. you’re not waking me up this morning. i’ll wake up whenever i damn well please. and, if that isn’t enough, there will be no work for me today as well – ok. maybe a little. but, not a lot, at least. and it will all be done from home. in my pj’s, if i want it that way. and with tons of chips & other crap to eat as i do my work. and coffee. lots of pots of coffee. there’s just this one tiny thing that’s bringing me down: it’s laundry day. and it’ll take all afternoon. but, it’s gotta be done. i can handle it, though, ‘cuz then i can begin packing. and after packing, in a few days, i’m traveling to the states & having 2 weeks of days without you, my dear alarm clock. so take that.

yep. good morning, people. i’ve got a little attitude today. thursday, you’re gonna be done on my terms. *snap. snap. snap.*


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  1. OH NO YOU DIT-ENT!!?!? Oh I am so not over the three snap thing, I love it, it makes me feel like a gay black american dude … Hoooooooooooh!

    If you were my facebook friend, you would have seen that this morning, my facebook status was “Considering staying in bed til spring arrives. What kind of joker ever decided that we should get out of bed when it’s cold n dark? Late to work for me then ..”

    You stay where you are though Liz, it’s important to be lazy and warm every now and then 🙂

    1. so glad someone else loves to channel their inner black-ness too! 🙂 hope you weren’t too late to work… on saturday & sunday, when you’re hopefully off & cozy in bed, i’ll be getting up early again in the dark to go to work. so, yes, i am quite enjoying today! thanks!

  2. Nice!!! I want that too… oh well, next weeken maybe. When I am spending time with my friend on the west coast 🙂
    Take care, see you saturday I guess.

    1. i’m sure you’ll have a great time with your friend! it’s good that you’re gonna get a little break & time for yourself. yep! see you saturday!

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