keepin’ it simple.

i know that i begin a lot of my posts by talking about the weather. but, weather seems to affect my mood tremendously, for better or for worse. so, i’m gonna write a little about how things are meteorologically in sweden right now.

it ain’t so great. so much for all of may being the highlight of the summer. the beginning was stunning, but the past week has been chilly, windy, and a little gray. today has been really gray, with bursts of rain soaking everything outside. but, today my mood is not matching the weather in a gray, depressed kinda way, but rather a cozy, peaceful way. i’ve been nesting today. sure, i worked this morning, but after arriving home again mid-afternoon, i put on cozy clothes and settled in. it’s late enough that i don’t feel bad sipping on a glass of red wine while i type this. and i keep turning my head to gaze outside the window into the grayness. i lit candles too, something i haven’t done much lately – except the one that i light when i write. it’s a little strange to light lots of candles when the sun doesn’t set till after 10pm. but, it’s so dark today, the candles only add to the atmosphere.

this afternoon, as i searched online for “stuff” to fill our apartment with, i’m also thinking about simplicity. and while we will be buying new things and working to surround ourselves with beautiful things, we also want there to be a simplicity, a calmness to our life. that’s how we roll. i suppose you could say we are fairly mellow people, who have bursts and fits of dancing and belly-hurting laughter. we want simple because it feels more real. it feels more free and open, both inside our home and inside our souls.

living a life of simplicity is a constant reminder of what is really important. we may have nice stuff around us, but it’s more about the space, the design, and the meaning of things than about keeping every single thing that we have or have had. we know the things that makes us feel peace, free, creative, joy… and those things that are priceless. these are the things that we want around us. these are the things that we wish to fill our days and moments with. quiet evenings with friends and family. movies on our sofa, wrapped up under a shared blanket. sipping coffee or a glass of wine on a balcony. a place to write and draw and create. a place to lay our head and rest. a home where everyone feels welcome and at peace. a road trip to a new or familiar place. a chance to wander in nature, whether it be by the sea or in the woods. journeys to far away places.

some of these may not seem simplistic to you, but for us, for me, it’s all about the simplicity of living the present moment. it’s all about people. bottom line, it’s all about peace. this is what is most important: being true to myself. loving others. feeling peace. and spreading that peace forward. the end. simple. meaningful. a life filled with moments where i just breathe in deeply, and where i make a space around me where others feel that it is safe to breathe. and be.

so, for my six senses sunday this week, i thought i’d share some of the simple moments i have found during the past week.

see: a new issue of the magazine, the simple things. i just love this magazine. it’s so organic, homey, just lovely. and simple. the big, bright moon… shining for all of us, all around the world. the bright, green leaves.

smell: the fragrant flowers bursting forth on the trees. the simple pink rose on our coffee table. it smells like spring everywhere i go. and i love it!

touch: the grass beneath my feet (of course, i took off my flip flops!). the freedom of wearing the flip flops.

taste: an amaaaazing middle eastern dinner with my love to celebrate her birthday. oh. so. good.

hear: the purring of  peaceful, snoozing cat.

feel: overwhelmed and privileged by the love & life i share with my love.

peace and love and simplicity.

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  1. Ah, I am so with you on simplicity! I am starting (another) deep cleanse of what I own. What stays, what goes. That’s my week this week. 🙂 The more open and clear, and simple!, the happier I tend to be.

    In New England we’re having similar weather. We started off with gorgeous days, in the 70s, but are on something like our 5th or 6th day of rain. Bring on the sun!

    1. Since I’m moving soon, I am scaling down once again. Moving may be stressful, but it sure does help to put “things” in perspective! 🙂

      Looking forward to your blog launch!

  2. Every time I move I streamline down, and each time you get less and less stuff (although I still have a good lot!) I had a phase of reading lots about minimalism, and I sooooo wish I had it in me to live like that, but I don’t. It’s a great time to do it though – we don’t need “things” really… not all of it anyway…

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