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  • culture

    day 5. wild.

    so far, i haven’t been posting my daily photos for april’s belovelive photo a day journey. i plan on doing a weekly sum up about it. but, today i just couldn’t resist after i…

    5 Apr 2013
  • life


    oh geez am i imperfect. in so many ways. and, i really let my imperfections shine during the past 2 days. let me share… on monday i had planned to sleep in, recover, &…

    19 Jun 2012
  • life

    a little attitude ain’t bad.

    it’s “no alarm thursday” and you know what that means? it means that when this post posts itself to my blog in the morning (since i’m writing it wednesday night), i will still be…

    12 Jan 2012
  • life

    busy monday.

    it’s a busy day in our little downtown apartment. we’re home all day, but have plenty to do. what have we been up to, you wonder? well, first we were busy sleeping until almost…

    24 Oct 2011
  • life

    the last day.

    today i finished my swedish course!!! and it feels amazing and sad all at the same time. every time something changes, something ends or something new begins, i have to take it all in.…

    22 Jun 2011
  • life

    a cute moment.

    i skipped my swedish class today. yep. but i didnt sleep late. no, i got up and did 4 loads of laundry before my internship this afternoon. when i got to my favorite part…

    14 Jun 2011
  • laundry duties & my little helper.

    yep. laundry day on a monday. not the best combination. but, the sun is shining and it’s fairly warm out, so that makes everything better. actually, for a monday, i’m feeling quite chipper (even…

    4 Apr 2011