little christmas + the end of an era

last january i met a blogging friend that i’d been keeping in touch with for a few years only through our blogs. she  was 20-something and lived in missouri. i was pushing 40 and living in sweden throughout our blogging friendship. but, then lina and i moved to the states. and my friend graduated from college + decided to take a solo road trip, passing through asheville to stay with us for a days, giving us a chance to meet face-to-face for the first time.

fast forward to almost a year later, and this crazy young girl, lina, and i have spent most of the year living in the same city, spending summer in sweden for a month, going to concerts, drinking tons of beer, having cozy days at home, enjoyed blogging dates, eaten brunches out, done a few road trips, and become a little family – complete with meltdowns, ups + downs, tough times, and unforgettable moments.

but, now, it’s literally time for all of us to move on. lina and i to sweden. and paige back to missouri, as she prepares for her next step in life.  so, to celebrate and commiserate together, we had a little christmas at home on thursday night and then spent our last brewery visit together on friday at burial brewing in the south slope part of downtown asheville.

christmas was fun and cozy – with gift exchanges, snacks, and a favorite movie. but, friday, well… it was the perfect ending to our crazy 2014 together. just the 3 of us, sitting at the bar of the brewing company for like 4-5 hours, tasting beer, laughing, crying, and soaking up these last great times in asheville (for now!) together. what a great, great night!

christmas-home-dinner christmas-home-matching-pjs christmas-home-pjs outside-asheville-south-slope-burial-beer tasting-room-burial-beer farm-tool-taps-burial-beer kiss-burial-beer flight-burial-beer bar-burial-beer burial-beer afternoon-bar-burial-beer girls-burial-beer

as we say goodbye to paige (for now!), we greet lina’s mom and dad this afternoon. that’s right, lina’s parents are coming all of the way from sweden to spend christmas with us – and our family here! we are so overjoyed + excited! we leave this afternoon to go to charlotte to pick them up at the airpot tonight. crazy!!! so, i don’t have time to blog anymore today… gotta clean and do some grocery shopping!

here’s to wishing you + yours a great weekend… as we head full force into the solstice, holiday week, and new year! let’s find the little things in life + celebrate them!

light + love xx

8 thoughts on “little christmas + the end of an era

  1. Have a great Christmas with both sets of parents together!! That is a recipe we will be testing in SD as well (me being on the parent end of that one).

  2. Beautiful post about paige and your friendship!! It’s been lovely to watch from afar thru Ig!
    Enjoy the parent meet up altogether time!
    Wonderful Christmas to you girls xx

    1. Thank you, Holly! I’m hoping for a new IG meet up sometime soon – in England or in Sweden! 😉 Happy Christmas to you lovely two.

  3. A new year is the perfect time for new beginnings… even though we only met once (very memorable it was) I must admit I am a little sad to think you are soon to be an ocean away. Wishing you all the best in your new adventure.

    1. Jacque, if you ever get the hankering to travel to Sweden, then you are most welcome! I will always cherish your special day – what a great moment it was! Merry Christmas to you and Diane.

  4. I always miss that like button on non-Wordpress blogs. So I’m following and reading but you’ll not “hear” from me as much, cause I use “like” way more than I comment. Have fun with all the parents and in your last couple of weeks in Asheville

    1. I know… I miss it too! I am actually searching for a “like” button plugin that I can add to my site. But, thank you, Leigh, for letting me know that you’re still around. I truly appreciate that! Happy Holidayss to you + yours! xo

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