living life in a bubble.


good sunday morning, friends! in sweden, the sun is shining for the second day in a row. but, spring is still slowly trying to make itself known. i must admit, i am longing for the warmer weather in north carolina. never again will i take 50 degrees (f) for granted. hehe.

life right now is weird. surreal. it’s not horrible and not fabulous. it just is. which is how life is sometimes, you know. i went back to work last week after my two week “staycation“. everything became much more official regarding my quitting in july. there is an official announcement for a replacement for me. so, it’s really real now. whew. my last working date is july 15. less than three months. wow.

with that knowledge, i also jumped right into searching for jobs in asheville. i’ve already applied for a teaching position, so we’ll see how that goes. of course, i’m also putting myself out there for freelance writing, photography, and blogging positions. this, of course, is my dream. and i have no idea of where to really start with all that. i’m just sending out emails and contacting random people. it’s crazy. if you’ve got any advice, tips, or ideas, i’m all ears! please leave a comment with any thoughts you have. 🙂 i feel like this move is another opportunity to walk through another door, one step closer to living my dream.

and then, there’s the fact that my love is in the hospital. so, life at home is really strange right now. of course i am my own person, but it’s so strange to not have my partner, my soulmate, my best friend around in the midst of everyday life stuff. it’s totally worth being separated right now so that she gets better, but it’s empty at home. it’s empty in part of my soul.

yeah. it’s strange right now. ending one thing. working on beginning another. my love and i living a different kind of life. it’s a sad and difficult time, and a completely exciting time as well. it feels like i’m stuck in some kind of time warp bubble for the next 3 months. nothing feels real. and yet it all feels real at the same time. but, there is one thing i am sure of… it’s all part of the journey. and the journey is always worth it. i’m not there yet – not yet done with my job here. not quite ready to move. not standing on a mountain high above asheville yet. not through this tough time my love. not yet the writer i want to be. not yet fully me…

but that’s all because the journey is never complete. life is the journey. and i’m still on my way…

41cd1bb7d217104b5ada5183c15c6081peace and love.


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    1. Good to know we’re on the same time schedule! 🙂 Big things are just around the corner!!

  1. I felt similiar to this in Europe. Really passive and that not much can be done. Sometimes we just have to go through those times. I’m not a big fan, either. I prefer shaping my life rather than it being shaped.

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