longing for my other home.

yes. i’ve got two places i call home. and that is an amazing gift. one that i do not take for granted, and one for which i am extremely appreciative. in both places, i have family, places i love to visit, things that i love to do, and places that bring me peace. oh yes. i am a lucky, lucky girl.

sometimes, though… ok, many times, i feel pulled in two directions and i find myself longing for the other place.

in north carolina (usa), i lived in a city in the mountains… asheville (click here to read more about my love for asheville). and right now, i am longing to be there. i am dreaming of walking up & down the crowded, funky downtown streets  lined with hippy stores, bookstores, boutiques, second-hand shops, fair trade stores, vegetarian restaurants, little pubs serving local brews, music on every corner, and protesters chanting & holding signs. i wanna be surrounded by the eclectic, diverse people of all ages, all races, all nationalities, all beliefs, gathering in the locally famous drum circle. i wanna feel the sticky, humid summer air heavy on my skin. i wanna smell the southern cooking. i wanna drive the mountain roads. yeah. i just wanna be there right now.

since my beloved asheville is intensely on my mind tonight, i thought i’d share some of the things about asheville that make me smile…

 driving the mountain roads.

 log cabins.

 lexington avenue.

 hip, funky wine bars…

 with crazy, inspiring, awesome friends.

 coffeehouses & cafes.

 afternoons in barnes & noble (an amazing bookstore).

 the river arts district. (where my sister -in-law works as a potter!). a place of beer & art.

 speaking of beer… local breweries all over the city. yum.

 biltmore estate. you gotta visit.

 the drum circle in the smack middle of downtown on friday nights.

 bluegrass music.

 festivals & fairs.

 oh asheville… you are amazing & gorgeous.

 cheers to you, asheville, my love!

 click on the pics for the link to the original photographer.

how ’bout it? let’s plan a trip! yeah.

peace & love.

0 thoughts on “longing for my other home.

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! PLAN A VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you sis and your amazing wife so badly…comehomecomehomecomehome!!!!!!!

    1. Christmas!!!! We are coming for Christmas!! I’m dying to be there…. we are dying to be there. Loooooove!

  2. Looks like there’s plenty to love there in Asheville. I am often homesick for the place I grew up – even though my family moved when I was thirteen, the desire to return has never left me. If anything, it’s gotten stronger. Oneday…

    1. It’s an introvert’s paradise. 😉 Tons of places to just be, think, write, and enjoy moments… with or without people. It’s a city taht truly appreciates and expresses the beauty of the individual.

  3. Being homesick is a special feeling, a mix between sadness, excitement and nostalgia. Thanks for sharing what you miss the most, looks like a fun town!

    1. You are so right. I have a mixture of emotions inside me all the time. 🙂 It’s a joy, and a curse. Hehe.

  4. It’s bittersweet sometimes to have 2 places to call home. I used to be that way.

    When I was in one place for long periods of time, I missed the other place and vice versa. And then the holidays are a little weird because I can’t have it both ways, lol.

    Still, I think it’s a wonderful thing to have 2 homes where some people don’t even have 1. You are blessed indeed.

    Sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder 🙂 So it’s not so bad when you think about it that way – you’ll always have 2 places to call home.

    Go take a break, bring Lina and be with family when you can.

  5. Jag skulle aldrig fixa att bo så långt bort från min hemstad.

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