march photo a day: week 1

as i mentioned in a previous blog post, i’ve taken up the challenge to post a photo a day using my instagram app – the challenge is to not only post a photo a day, but to follow the suggested theme/word for the day. the photos are also to be original photos taken on the day that they are posted (come on, no cheating by uploading an old pic from some file on your computer or saved on your phone.). since many of you don’t have instagram, and i’m not linking all my social media all over the internet, i thought i’d share my photos once a week with you. the first week in march has now passed (seriously? already?) and here is my installment of my original, taken on the given day, following the theme, instagram photos from this week. *smiley face*

day 1: up

zola’s fav morning activity:  looking up at the birdies.

day 2: fruit

riding on the train to stockholm/uppsala last friday, i snapped this shot of an apple. most swedish families are well-prepared with (healthy) snacks when they travel. i am not one of them. well, i’m not swedish either, so that’s my excuse. hehe.

day 3: your neighborhood

 24 hours later, after a day in uppsala, a trip to airport, & a day in stockholm we made it back home. this is my neighborhood at night.

day 4: bedside

hanging out bedside. cozy & warm early sunday morning.

day 5: smile

 my love is all smiles after buying a new keyboard. and i’m all smiles because i get to listen to her play & sing. ♥

day 6: 5pm

 as the moon was beginning to rise at 5pm, we walked home after a day of touring & shopping.

day 7: something i wore

 showing off my new, little, turquoise earrings.

so far, so good. it was fun finding things to photograph. now. wish me luck with following through for next week. and check back next wednesday for week 2’s update! in the meantime, take some time to slow down & notice little moments & glimpses of beauty all around you – take a picture in your mind or snap a photo with your phone/camera. then, share them! i’d love to see what you see from your perspective!

happy wednesday! peace out, peeps.

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