the many joys of having a visitor.

many of you know that i’ve (we’ve) got one of my (our) friends from the states with us this week! not only is it super great to have some time to talk & catch up, laugh, and reminisce together, it is also a great chance for me to look at sweden through visitor’s eyes again and to see this beautiful city where i live in a fresh, new way. i try my hardest to never take things for granted, to always be aware of the beautiful things in life, but nothing beats having a visitor around to help sharpen my focus even more.

i thought i’d share a little of what i’ve seen with you…

 st. olai kyrkan

 love these buildings so much. the colors. yes.

 spiral staircase. yellow buildings. blue sky. this area of town is fab.

fika with a cinnamon bun. hello, heaven.

 my love bought a keyboard & my home is now filled with music!

 some cozy morning moments together.

 what’s this?! a bud on a tree!!! spring is coming!


 woo hoo. an amazing lunch.

 warm sunshine. super cold air.

 you know it. fika again!

 and some more shopping. yep.

oh yeah. and a pub.

 zola. inspired by swedish top model, i guess. we had just watched it. hehe.

ok. so i know that there are a lot of cathedral pictures, but you can’t blame us. i’m a minister. and j is studying to be one. what can we say? we love the silence & beauty of cathedrals. and the colors. the sky. imagining all of the people who had been there before. such a wonderful place to go & spend a few moments to just be – religious or not. it has been really, really great to walk all around the city again – showing it off. yes, i am proud.

hope you have had a good start to your week. wishing you sunshine & peace.

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    1. yay. good to know there are kindred spirits out there. thanks for commenting! who are you, anonymous? hehe.

    1. haha! fika is one of the best things about swedish society actually. and the beers, well that one was a fluke. i have never seen anything like it before! hehe! 🙂

  1. Wow, great pictures, Liz! My favorites are the spiral staircase one and all of the pictures of Matteuskyrkan. What a gorgeous building that is. I remember Haga held their graduation there when I lived in Norrköping. 🙂

  2. You might be interested in watch the rock carvings made in the iron and bronze ages that are displayed at Himelstalund only in Swedish ( page 12 and 13 describes the one at Himelstalund are among the best illustrated and preserved rock carvings in Sweden.

    And i had a thought as you and your friend like shopping and are both in to the religion and visiting churches this fleamarket? hold by Erikshjälpen ( where they sold all kinds Swedish and the proceeds go to help children’s lifes and education where it is needed

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