observe all that is around you. soak it in. there may be a message for you.

today i had the privilege of sitting in on a massage session, and getting a little behind the scenes view/under the table lesson on tactile massage. i entered the room, lit by candles and sunlight, smelling like incense, and felt immediately at peace. i knew this was a calm, safe place where healing took place. we all decided that i’d just sit back and watch the massage, but when it got to the tactile hand massage, i’d move closer in so i could really learn the process.

the session began and i sat back in my chair, watching and soaking up everything that was happening. and i literally had a spiritual experience as i watched the masseuse use her whole body, mind, and soul in her work. it was beautiful. and even though i was sitting in a little waiting room-ish kinda chair a few feet away from the massage table, i felt calm and relaxed just being in the presence of this woman. i could feel the energy from her, from the room. i could feel and see how she had a purpose to every little thing she did… from keeping one of her hands on the center of the client’s back at all times (unless she was using both hands to massage) to the way she closed her eyes, took deep breaths, and held the client’s hand or head in her hands until she felt that it was enough, and she could move on to the next thing.

the masseuse was gentle, graceful, present, strong, focused, and above all centered. i saw it. i felt it. a few times i had to close my eyes and just breathe,  i was so overwhelmed with peace. in the meantime, i was also scribbling down what she was doing so i wouldn’t forget. she was very deliberate with everything she did. she was extremely aware of the present moment, and was reading her client’s energy. she was giving all of herself to the work that she was doing. it was so beautiful to watch.

yes. this is the kind of environment i was to work in. i want to be surrounded by candles, incense, pillows, oils, chanting & soft music, dream catchers, and baskets. i want a place where people can come to feel peace & calm. where i can spend my mornings writing and meditating, and my afternoons talking, mentoring, massaging, and doing yoga. i want to hold workshops about inner peace for women & girls. i want to travel to far away places and absorb different cultures, bringing back traditions, ideas, and inspiration from the people i meet.

today, as i sat there and watched, as i also learned by feeling the calming effect of a tactile hand massage, and as i was surrounded by beautiful, peaceful things, i knew that asheville was the place for me to be. and i knew that i simply have to seek out ways to educate myself and be trained as a masseuse and a yoga instructor.

through the power of observation – of both the inner & outer worlds, i realized that god, the universe, had a message for me today. a reminder and a push to keep following my dreams.


later on this evening, i went to my yoga class. i worked hard to settle my mind and to focus on my breathing, but i couldn’t shut off all my thoughts about… well,  everything. it was a really good yoga pass, even though i wasn’t totally focused. but, the best part came at the end, during the meditation. we we told to hold our hands like a bowl, in front of us, as we sat cross-legged with our elbows tucked in. and the only thing we were gonna do was look into our hands (our bowl) and meditate on how lucky we are to have all that we have. it was an exercise in gratefulness, reminding us that the more we focus on all that we have, the more we will receive. and, actually we already have so much that our bowls are overflowing and we’re spilling our blessings into others’ lives. and, as we meditated, we listened to my favorite yoga song… long time sun.

it didn’t take long before tears were falling from my eyes and into my hand-made bowl as i meditated. after this weekend and with all that has happened (good & difficult) in this past year, i was completely overcome with thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, and amazement. so i sat there, with my hands cupped, legs crossed, and let myself cry.

oh gosh. what an amazing, in-touch sort of day i have had.

but, now it’s come to a close, and i invite you, my dear blog readers, to click on the song below and give yourself a few minutes to meditate or think about all for which you are grateful. or just listen to the lyrics. you don’t have to make the bowl with your hands, but if you do, it’s all the more powerful.

do what you choose. but, please, just sit there. and listen. just be. you can shut off from the world for four minutes. i know you can.

observe the world within. love & peace to you.


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