six senses monday.

hello, monday. hello, friends. you know, when mondays are your day off, it doesn’t feel like such a bad day. on the other hand, when you are going to work at 5pm on a friday night and everyone else is getting off, ready to begin their weekend, then it doesn’t feel so good. that’s the trade off, i guess. but, today hasn’t been friday. it’s been monday. so, i’ve been off. and boy do i love that!

i’m not sure i accomplished much today, but we had a pretty good meeting with lina’s doctor. and then later on, my love registered for her classes in the fall! i made some contact with a person launching a new blog on asheville, and it looks like  i may be finding myself some freelance work as a contributor. eeeek! so cool. all in all, i guess there have been some pretty productive moments.

well, it’s been a while since my last six senses post, but i am ready to share with y’all what’s been happening in my world that has peaked my senses. you can share what’s peaked your senses by leaving a comment or on your own blog.

sheets knappingsborg brunch sunday me fish and chips guilty cat mr. rogers me and my love flowers at work sunshine snack wine

taste: fish & chips. one of my favorite meals. especially when eaten at a pub with a cold beer and shared with a good friend. orange juice and a bunch of yummy food at sunday brunch.

touch: the warm sun touching my skin one day last week… in the midst of all of the rainy, gray days. holding on to my love while she is resting.

hear: the cat approaches the sofa. readies her claws. and then…. begins scratching. she’s so busted. a bunch of swedish all around me since i went back to work this week.

see: FLOWERS budding in the ground!! i cannot begin to explain how that elates me. and  outside furniture at restaurants and cafes. yay!

smell: fresh, springy sheets on my bed. a cinnamon bun and coffee during a long thursday night meeting.

feel: sadness and fear last week after the boston/watertown bombings and violence. thankful for the calming words of mr. rogers… which also makes me feel nostalgic (mr. rogers is an amazing children’s television person i grew up with). peace and calm late at night on friday, with a glass of wine, and cozy on my bed- the weekend had finally begun.

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  1. do you realise how much you show off your perfect nails all the time? Is it weird I’m always drawn / notice them? maybe an odd comment but something I notice and like in all your pics!

    1. why, thank you holly! i had not realized that my nails showed up so often. the funny thing is, just before i read this comment, i painted my nails a new color and took a picture of it! hehe. 🙂

  2. Will you get paid for contributing (sorry, prolly none of my business)? In New York, you will have to do a lot of work for free until it finally “pays” off, so perhaps Asheville is different. Either way, such a great thing to get your foot in the door! Plus you really like to blog, so why not turn it into something more serious. I remember you writing about contributing to a Swedish restaurant, too. Is that out of the loop?

    1. no problem~ i’m happy to share. 🙂

      i will get paid for contributing, though i’m not sure how often or what. i’ll also get linked to this blog, so more traffic hopefully! but, we haven’t worked out the details yet. the website is new and will debut in may.

      i’m not thinking of this as any kind of job, though. it’s just a foot in the door as you say, experience, and more readers. 🙂 that’s enough to make me happy right now.

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